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"Sometimes friend Can"t make It on your Own" is a song by ireland rock band U2. It is the third track on your eleventh studio album, exactly how to Dismantle an atomic Bomb (2004), and was released as the album"s second single worldwide except north America ~ above 7 February 2005. It debuted at number one ~ above the UK Singles Chart becoming the band"s 6th number-one single in the unified Kingdom. It likewise topped the charts in Canada, Scotland and also Spain, and reached the optimal 10 in Denmark, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway. originally titled "Tough", the tune is lyrically around the relationship between the band"s lead vocalist Bono and also his dad Bob Hewson, who died of cancer in 2001. The tune won 2 Grammy Awards for ideal Rock performance by a Duo or group with Vocal and Song of the Year in ~ the 48th annual Grammy Awards consciousness in 2006.more »

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Tough, you think you"ve got the stuffYou"re informing me and anyoneYou"re hard enoughYou don"t need to put increase a fightYou don"t have actually to constantly be rightLet me take several of the punchesFor friend tonightListen to me nowI should let girlfriend knowYou don"t have to go the aloneAnd it"s you as soon as I watch in the mirrorAnd it"s you as soon as I don"t pick up the phoneSometimes friend can"t make it on your ownWe fight every the timeYou and I, that"s alrightWe"re the very same soulI don"t need, i don"t need to hear friend sayThat if us weren"t for this reason alikeYou"d like me a whole lot moreListen come me nowI have to let friend knowYou don"t have to go that aloneAnd it"s you when I watch in the mirrorAnd it"s you once I don"t choose up the phoneSometimes you can"t do it on her ownSay, say, sayI recognize that us don"t talkI"m ailing of it allCan girlfriend hear me once ISing, you"re the factor I singYou"re the factor why the opera is in meWe"re hereI"ve still got to let you knowA home doesn"t do a homeDon"t leave me right here aloneAnd it"s you once I look in the mirrorAnd it"s friend that makes it difficult to allow goSometimes friend can"t make it on her ownSometimes you can"t do itBest you can do is to fake itSometimes you can"t do it on her own

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U2 U2 are an irish rock band from Dublin. Developed in 1976, the group consists of Bono (vocals and guitar), The sheet (guitar, keyboards, and vocals), Adam Clayton (bass guitar), and also Larry Mullen, Jr. (drums and percussion). U2"s early on sound was rooted in post-punk but eventually prospered to incorporate influences from plenty of genres of popular music. Throughout the group"s music pursuits, they have actually maintained a sound constructed on melodic instrumentals, emphasize by The Edge"s timbrally varied guitar sounds and also Bono"s expressive vocals.

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