Hi all,Need a small help here. I store feeling, and also seeing motions in my stomach. It"s on mine left next only. If you ar your hand under your ribs across your tummy(not pointing down) the covers that basic area.I am spun out due to the fact that it feels similar to a infant would, yet I have the coil fitted, and also have had actually 2 negative tests.I have the right to actually watch my stomach move when ns feel it. There is no pain in ~ all, and also I don"t think it"s related to the plumbing side, as I have actually no pains, and also am regular.Any principles here? I keep imagining that scene from extraterrestrial 1!! ns am staying clear of spag bol like the plague (just in situation ;0) )Seriously, it has me an extremely worried. Ns am walking to try and gain an appointment tomorrow, yet was sort of hoping i"m no alone here.

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Some people never get a +pregnancy test...I would certainly def obtain it viewed as im stumped regarding what else it might be



Thanks girls. I am stumped too. The various other thing that might answer why only one side, is that v ds that was found I had a break-up uterus. It all came together as he moved it and grew. But OMG!It is definately an ext than flutterings aswell, definately movement.Will keep you post if i am to mean the unexpected!I to be so scared ideal now.
If it"s late enough to see movements then it"s probably late enough for a check to be an adverse - lock only show up confident in the beginning. Just other point I can think the is trapped wind - but if there"s sufficient to view I would have actually thought it would certainly be hurting a bit. Might be worth having actually it checked out
Kate,I didn"t realise that v the tests! I might of conserved some money. Ho hum.Even much more scared now. Especially as not planned. Do any type of of you understand if a baby could be ache in anyway if conceived with a coil fitted? Keep obtaining horrible think of it installed somewhere in it?Thanks all.

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OMG i once had the same specific thing! i was certain i was pregnant, but it would of to be a miracle if ns was! lol it fully freak me out! ns was too embarrassed come say anything to anyone around it. Lol the went top top for fairly a while, and also then simply disappeared, i have actually no idea what it was. Lol

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