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Why medical students love dirty jokes.

post November 3, 2014 | the evaluation by Abigail Fagan

Medical students require mnemonics provided the countless lists the symptoms, diseases, body parts, and also functions for which they are responsible. Peter that Ravenna, a 15th-century mnemonist and also author, argued that college student “excite” your memories by using images of “beautiful virgins” to aid encode them. Perhaps it is not surprising then, that clinical mnemonics space scandalous and also sexist. Students’ mnemonics, many of which are passed on indigenous one generation come the next, tell united state something important about memory. They additionally tell us around the doctors who use them and also highlight the subversive nature of medicine.

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Soon ~ she has pulled on she first twin set the latex gloves and also plunged them into the body cavity that a corpse, the clinical student is faced with the 12 cranial nerves. Emanating straight from the brain, the cranial nerves underlie the five senses, the muscles of facial expression, our blood pressure and also pulse, our digestion and elimination, and our capacity to speak and to swallow—in other words, virtually everything. Therefore august space the cranial nerves that they are denoted by roman numerals and bear Greek and also Latin names. Hence they are a an obstacle to remember.

Cranial nerve mnemonics use 12-word sentences, each word of which begins with the very same letter together the cranial nerve that represents. One old chestnut goes like this: “On Old Olympus’s Towering Top, A Finn and also A German regarded A Hop”.

Decades ~ graduating from medical school, that rings a bell. However infinitely much more memorable is the following, recalled by plenty of doctors old and also young: "O, O, O, come Touch and Feel A Girl’s Vagina, Ah Heaven!”

A corollary explains whether every of the cranial nerves is a sensory nerve, a engine nerve, or both: “Some to speak Marry Money; however My brother Says huge Boobs issue Most”.

Used together, the mnemonics tell us that cranial nerve IV, the trochlear, is a engine nerve, if cranial nerve IX, the glossopharyngeal nerve, has actually both sensory and motor functions.

Before responding—as one should, due to the fact that it’s true—that this mind-benders are degrading come women and contribute to a society which allows male medical professionals to check out women as sex-related toys, the leader might take into consideration what renders the “dirty joke” so helpful for college student doctors. Many important, it works. Even before the bear of Christ, a textbook that rhetoric created in Latin instructed students come memorize speeches v memory aids the were lewd, unbelievable, or hilarious.

When i started medical school, i was astonished at every the points I didn’t know. It struck me together strange the I had actually never also wondered around most of the things I to be learning around my body. The volume of info that is new to the medical student is chin an indicator of how alien ours bodies can be to us. Learning around the human body is a subversive act in a culture which shames united state for wanting come know. Because that the clinical student, digging right into the body—both literally, in anatomy lab, and also figuratively, in the classroom—can threaten the balance she has accomplished between intellectual curiosity and the culturally established need to stay ignorant. The material to be learned is huge and psychologically challenging, and as George Legman created in his evaluation of individual stories, The rationale of the Dirty Joke, jokes help us refuse the import of i can not accept realities.

In the first years of clinical school, the student will comment on sexual features with guys old sufficient to be her grandfather, and also perform digital rectal examinations to feel their prostate glands, and also observe young females in childbirth and sew your torn vaginas in the aftermath. For some students, the first nude human body they ever before see will belong come a cadaver. Clinical school confronts the student with the living and also dead body and its sexuality. The student uses humor to do this tolerable, as Legman sharp out: “This is probably the principal function of the development of humor, and certainly of the agree of points as humorous, such as cuckoldry, seduction, impotence, homosexuality, castration, death, disease, and the Devil, which are obviously not humorous at all.”

When Peter the Ravenna said that mnemonists utilize images of young virgins in storage palaces, that added, “This precept is useless to those who dislike women and they will uncover it very daunting to conference the fruits of this art.” Fortunately, medicine is no as monolithic together it used to be, and new mnemonics have occurred which prove that wrong. The website has collected dozens the cranial nerve mnemonics, among my favourite being: "On chance Oliver Tries to Anally Finger miscellaneous Guys. Vaginas are History!”

Whether a vagina is sky or history, its importance to the clinical student at this specific moment is that it to represent the vagus nerve. The mnemonic ensures the she remembers otherwise random words. More significantly, the helps her accommodate to what she is seeing, smelling, and touching every day—bodies. The clinical student encounters facts—many, countless of them—and defends herself with wit.

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Anne Skomorowsky is a psychiatrist in ~ Columbia University medical Center and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in ~ Columbia college College of Physicians and also Surgeons.