Throughout last Fantasy 7, you"ll check out SOLDIER, one elite protection group. But what is SOLDIER exactly? below are the facts you have to know.

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The story that Final Fantasy VII can be a bit daunting and slightly facility the first time you suffer it. After all, there is a lot walk on, with the gameplay extending over hours and also hours. It have the right to be a lot to take it in, or you may miss some valuable information throughout the excitement of your very first playthrough.

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among the things you"ll see pointed out a lot throughout the opened sequences that Final Fantasy VII is SOLDIER. This upstream security group is responsible because that guarding the buildings and Mako Reactors the you and AVALANCHE are infiltrating. But what is SOLDIER exactly? right here some facts and bits that trivia you never knew about them.

UPDATED may 16th, 2020 by Russ Boswell: The final Fantasy 7 Remake has actually burst on-scene and brought lots of nostalgia v it for dedicated fans. The very first part the the release tosses us into the hustle and also bustle the Midgar, complying with Avalanche together they hit back versus The Shinra electrical Power firm and the vicious ranks that SOLDIER. Those acquainted with the initial release likely know a lot around this powerful organization yet many of girlfriend entering the last Fantasy 7 fray for the an initial time have actually a lot come learn about the military-esque group. These 13 facts dive a bit further into the lore surrounding SOLDIER come uncover part deep-rooted facts some the you may be completely unaware of. 

Although the isn"t showcased lot in the enlarge games and many that the ranks of SOLDIER have actually been "thinned out" throughout the events of Final Fantasy VII, the team was when filled come the brim v members. Large names prefer Sephiroth, Zack, and also Cloud spring to mind once someone mentions SOLDIER but the organization additionally featured a wide array that personnel.

It"s basic to identify some that SOLDIER"s elite members thanks to your over-the-top outfits yet lesser ranks have the right to be established by the color of your clothing. First Class members are clothed in Purple, second Class in Red, and third Class in Blue.

Knowing a SOLDIER member"s clothing color can aid you identify much more than simply their rank. It"s likely that numerous players were too busy slashing and also burning their way through this "lesser mobs" come really notice but each rank (and color) in reality identifies how a particular enemy will behave in battle.

Any 3rd Class members will toss a flying sickle, carry Sleepel Materia come the table, and also can tap right into Level 2 Bolt and also Ice Materia. 2nd Class baddies use no Materia but will slice and also dice at her heroes v a method called knife of Doom. 1st Class enemies will assault the party through the sword of Doom technique and have access to silence Materia.


11 The Deepground Facility

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since Shinra is never satisfied in their pursuit to develop the ultimate supersoldier (something that would come ago to bite lock on a few occasions), they to be constantly feather for new and innovative means to push their members come the limit.

This caused the development of the Deepground, a dedicated facility located below the main Shinra building. Originally, the area to be crafted as housing for Mako Reactor 0, and a clinic to aid heal injured SOLDIER members. Later on, the facility would be repurposed and also turned right into a mystery sector that performed a multitude that strange and also random experiments on soldiers in an effort to make them stronger.

A the majority of the SOLDIER members space shrouded in secret as they"re not specifically a pivotal part of the Final Fantasy VII storyline. Once you leave Midgar friend won"t be diving deep into much lore concerning the group and a most the details we have has come from various other games and Final Fantasy media.

The Restrictors are a great example that this. This mysterious entities (only one was focused on) were presented in the Final Fantasy VII spin-off, Dirge the Cerberus. Follow to Lore, this mighty units ruled the Deepground through an iron an initial and the leader went so far as to surgically implant chips right into his subordinates to "make certain they couldn"t ignore orders."


9 It"s no A classic Military

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When first learning around SOLDIER in Final Fantasy VII, it would be basic to assume that it"s a certain military branch or a governmental sector. The reality is the SOLDIER is in reality a privately-owned fighting pressure that was created and maintained to safeguard the understanding of the Shinra electric Power Company.

although the title may suggest that the team is military in nature, they actually have no windy or governmental obligations.

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The Shinra electric Power company has a many of an important secrets and modern technology that they great to protect. Because of this, lock implement a strict pecking order of SOLDIER members, providing precedence and tougher "missions" come those the prove us worthy. Anyone who joins the ranking will start as a class 3 member, which room more-or-less footsoldiers.

Those that prove to be an useful assets or display promise will certainly be supported to class 2, where they will certainly be given access to lesser goals or oversee "easier" tasks. The takes a truly distinguished class 2 member to be thought about for a class 1 promotion. Only the ideal of the best are placed in this tier, and also Class 1 members serve leadership over all other SOLDIERs (except other course 1 elites).


7 SOLDIER has actually Recruitment Propaganda

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Shinra isn"t exactly a "nice and also wholesome" business. They"re connected in a the majority of "strange" things and perform experiments that would certainly borderline ~ above criminal. The world of Final Fantasy VII isn"t a happy-go-lucky location filled through teddy bears and also sunshine. It"s a magical realm teeming with monsters and also other dangers. Because of this, Shinra"s fighting pressure is bound to shed a couple of SOLDIERs ~ above "routine missions."

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In stimulate to keep their number up, lock pander come the younger crowds. Countless of the course 1 upstream soldiers have their very own fan clubs, and a lot of the youth in Midgar and also the surrounding locations dream of sooner or later serving together the heroes lock idolize.

The human being of Final Fantasy VII is filled with all countless of magic, monsters, and also strange celestial powers. The SOLDIER regimen isn"t simply a ragtag team of human beings that space thrust into the heat of fire without sufficient training or protection.

but SOLDIER members don"t build their powers over time—they"re simply provided them with a procedure involving a substance recognized as Mako. The Mako energy that is accumulated from the "Earth" is infused with these soldiers, providing them accessibility to powers and also abilities that surpass the of regular humans.


5 every SOLDIER Members deserve to Use limit Breaks

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Final Fantasy VII was the first title in the franchise to use the ax "limit break," yet it"s other that has actually been consisted of in the Final Fantasy collection ever because Final Fantasy VI. The an easy concept is that individuals will "break the limit of their power" once put under excessive stress or harm. The an ext a player takes damages in Final Fantasy VII, the much faster the border break gauge fills.

due to the fact that of your infusion through Mako, any type of SOLDIER member, regardless of their class, is maybe to save energy and also use a limit break attack should castle be placed under sufficient stress.

Those who have played through Final Fantasy VII are an extremely likely come remember your clash v Jenova. Although merely a "boss" come most, this certain creature dram a really important part in the breakthrough of SOLDIER. As soon as thought to it is in a Cetra, it transforms out the Jenova merely crash-landed top top Gaia and was mistake for among the ancients.

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Shinra controlled to catch the alien and used it to harvest cells to inject into details SOLDIER members, hoping to produce special Cetra-human hybrids to bring on your bidding. Sephiroth is one of the most influential members to get these extraterrestrial cells.


3 SOLDIER suffered A good Desertion

Shinra would certainly soon uncover out that producing so plenty of super-powered human/alien hybrids wasn"t such a great idea. Genesis Rhapsodos would certainly prove come the agency that their techniques were both flawed and dangerous. Although the was once a loyal course 1 SOLDIER, Genesis had actually a "change the heart" when he realized that his body was degrading because of the Jenova cells implanted within him.

This would certainly lead the to create his very own "army" that SOLDIER members and devoted "copies" the made. After establish they might suffer the same fate and also seeing Genesis" desire to discover a cure, plenty of SOLDIERs would finish up defecting native the Shinra agency and authorized Genesis in his quest.

after ~ collecting his army, Genesis Rhapsodos would take the fight come The Shinra electric Power agency in an attempt to find a cure and fix the deterioration of his body. The main bulk of this storyline takes place in the PSP spinoff, Final Fantasy 7: dilemm Core. The title adheres to Zack Fair, a prominent and much-beloved class 1 SOLDIER, and also Cloud, on their pursuit to protect against Genesis and his copies.

This video game would aid showcase that not all SOLDIER members to be "inherently bad" and that most had no idea that the firm they to be fighting for was involved in so plenty of shady activities and experiments.


1 there Aren"t That countless Members approximately In final Fantasy VII

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This factoid is a little bit curious due to the fact that the start of the location (and many subsections that the game) do so countless references come SOLDIER and also its members. The reality, though, is the SOLDIER is an extremely much in shambles by the occasions of Final Fantasy VII.

It"s much much easier for AVALANCHE to command its rebellion versus the Shinra electrical Power agency because a massive bulk of your security force has dwindled, thanks to the earlier mentioned war with Genesis Rhapsodos and the massive desertion the took place.