Sparta and Athens are a pair the the most recognizable cities in the history of the old Greece. The two city-states to be close synchronically ~ above the map but exhibited far-reaching differences in your values and the means they live their lives.

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What is Sparta?

This was a city-state in ancient Greece, which climbed to come to be the leading military land-power in the region. The states’ army was mighty to the degree of being thought about as the as whole leader the the an unified Greek army forces throughout the Greco-Persian Wars.


What is Athens?

This is one of the most far-ranging city-states of every time, which we take plenty of of our contemporary ways. This city had actually a government with an assembly comprising of male citizens over 25 years old. Besides, the city-state had actually a court the was provided to settle disputes among people and also between people and also government.

What space the similarities between Sparta and Athens?

Similarities between Sparta and Athens in regards to “Government and Leadership”

One the the key similarities in between Sparta and Athens is that each city-state had a government that had actually the duty of checking on the welfare of its citizens. In addition to their governments, the two cities had a democratically elected assembly who members civilization elected. For Sparta, two queens who ruled till they passed away while for Athens, archons ruled the city-state for a hatchet of one year top top which poll were conducted to elect brand-new leadership rule the state.

Similarities in between Sparta and Athens in regards to “Military Power”

Secondly, both Sparta and also Athens had actually an energetic military that was extremely regarded in the entire region. For Sparta, the strength of the military highly rested on the army, which was made up of the best-trained and also most mighty warrior of old times. The strength of the Athenian military was in that navy, which to be highly advanced and is regarded to have been the leading force in the Mediterranean Sea. That is essential to highlight that the 2 militaries clashed throughout the Peloponnesian battle where Sparta military won despite at a far-reaching cost of resides lost.

Similarities between Sparta and also Athens in regards to “Slavery”

Both Athens and Sparta condoned slavery, i m sorry was extremely practiced in ~ this time. Both city-states had actually substantial variety of slave populations. It is estimated that every city-state had about 100,000 slaves. An ext importantly, the slaves ranked bottom of the social order in both urban while military men ranked the top of the social order. Few of the privileges permitted to the military men consisted of voting and also land ownership amongst other benefits. Top top the other hand, servants were not allowed to vote and also conducted many of the hand-operated duties in the community.

Similarities in between Sparta and also Athens in terms of “Economy”

Before the emergence of Rome as the most reliable economic climate in the region, both Sparta and Athens city-states had the most far-reaching economies top top which other states in the region highly depended on. Trade and agriculture were the backbones the the economy. Some of the items traded through the savings included apples, grapes, citrus fruits, ornaments, animals, and also weapons among others. The is likewise worth note that slave trade to be at its highest possible at this period.

Similarities in between Sparta and also Athens in terms of “Women”

In both societies had a an unfavorable perception of ladies in that ladies were confined to house duties while serving their men who were largely based in army camps. Men had actually unquestionable authority over women and treated women as their subjects. Moreover, females were motivated to give birth through a high choice for a male kid so that they have the right to be brought up to sign up with the army. Furthermore, ladies were not allowed to poll in both societies.

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Take house message on Sparta and also Athens

In brief, Sparta and Athens may have actually been insignificant difference to each other at their heights throughout and also around the golden e of Greece, however they owned numerous parallel relationships in your communities.Spartan country and Athenian culture had countless difference and similarities regarding various facets of day-to-day life, military, women, and also other issues.Additionally, it cannot be disputed that both city-states have had far-ranging influence in affecting the modern-day life. Because that example, the advancement in technology, military, and also democracy deserve to highly be attributed come the two cities of ancient Greece.