Dr. Schwartz is proud to market his discerning patient shaped breast implants that can look much more natural than timeless round chest implants in the best patients. As a sought-after nationwide educator, Dr. Schwartz frequently trains other leading plastic surgeons on how to usage these particular implants to attain impeccable results for their patients. Together such, he is just one of the most qualified specialists to perform breast augmentation through shaped breast implants – ensuring a natural, beautiful and also long-lasting cosmetics outcome. Dr. Schwartz is highly involved in the research study behind gummy bear chest implants, because of this he has become critically acclaimed as among the ideal breast augmentation surgeons Los Angeles have the right to lay claim to. If you space considering gummy bear breast implants in thousands Oaks, Westlake Village, or the Calabasas area, be certain to schedule one appointment with Dr. Schwartz.

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Types that shaped breast implants

"Shaped chest implants", "anatomical chest implants", or “Gummy Bear chest implants" space a silicone implant that provides a strong cohesive gel that provides a tear-drop appearance i beg your pardon mimics the herbal contour and also feel of mrs breasts. V its popularity and FDA approval in 2013, it has become a gold standard for countless surgeons and also patients alike.


Resisting gravity, aging and also anatomical flaws v its distinct form-fitting engineering, this implants not only offer females a more natural-looking implant but additionally a much safer one. Ripples, folds, and creases are rare v this implant, make tears and also leakages really unlikely, thus substantially reducing any type of medical complications through obtaining chest implants.

In the ideal patient, these implants provide the many desirable and natural shaped breast. Over there are various implant varieties and sizes available by Mentor, Allergan, and Sientra. Every of these options are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and also Dr. Schwartz will certainly work very closely with friend to recognize which alternative will appear the most herbal for you, and deliver the an accurate overall look you desire.


Allergan Natrelle 410

These anatomic or teardrop shame implants space made through cohesive silicone gel to administer both resilient shape and safety. There room 12 various shapes to assist Dr. Schwartz customize your chest augmentation result.


Mentor Memoryshape

These are likewise anatomic or teardrop shaped implants and also are made through cohesive silicone gel to administer both long lasting shape and safety. Memoryshape implants are easily accessible in 5 various shapes.


Sientra HSC+ shame implants

Sientra renders 5 different anatomic or teardrop shame implants to help Dr. Schwartz form the ideal breast because that his patients.

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What results deserve to I intend from mine shaped breast implants?

Breast augmentation is an extremely versatile procedure – particularly when that performed by a leading expert in the field like Dr. Schwartz. To the end, right here are just a couple of of the outcomes that are possible when you receive among the ideal gummy bear breast implants thousand Oaks has to offer:

Larger and much more beautiful breasts

After having actually your augmentation through Westlake town gummy bear chest implants operated doctor Dr. Schwartz, you deserve to expect to possess larger and much more beautiful breasts that enhance your in its entirety appearance and much better fit your figure.

Symmetrical breasts

If one of your breasts is larger, smaller sized or a different shape 보다 the other, that asymmetry will be corrected throughout surgery – restoring balance and harmony to her chest. This shaped implants work-related even far better than ring implants at correcting asymmetry.

Fuller and also rounder breasts

In enhancement to bigger breasts, you can also expect to arise from surgery with breasts that are herbal looking, full and perky.

Natural breasts

Thanks to the natural look and feel of shame implants, as well as Dr. Schwartz’s expertise, you deserve to be assured the your end an outcome will look and also feel very natural – no issue what size and also shape you at some point choose.

Photo Gallery

Dr. Schwartz’s talent and capabilities together a operated doctor are beyond compare. You re welcome take a moment to see our beautiful photo gallery, to view for yourself the exquisite results that are feasible when you obtain breast implants through Dr. Michael R. Schwartz.

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An outline of chest augmentation surgery

To prepare for among the height breast implants thousands Oaks and the bordering area have actually available, Dr. Schwartz will work carefully with friend to determine which implant size and shape will help you achieve the all at once look you desire. He will then usage Vectra 3D Imaging technology, for this reason you can visualize precisely what her breasts will look like after surgery.

To begin the really procedure, Dr. Schwartz will administer general anesthesia to ensure your comfort and safety. He will certainly then make a an accurate incision, either at the bottom the the chest (inframammary), under the eight (axillary) or approximately the areola (periareolar). This is a vital aspect of her procedure, as the location of the scratch can impact your scarring, nipple sensation and breastfeeding options. Prior to surgery, Dr. Schwartz will comment on the benefits and also risks of every option, and help you identify which incision is in your finest interest.

After Dr. Schwartz has made the incision, he will place your implants. There room two placement alternatives available, and you and Dr. Schwartz will certainly decide with each other which one is best. Because that the subglandular chest implant placement, Dr. Schwartz will place the implant in front of the pectoral muscle and also behind the breast tissue. For the submuscular chest implant placement, Dr. Schwartz will position the implant under the pectoral muscle. As soon as the implant has been placed, Dr. Schwartz will expertly nearby the scratch to minimize any kind of scarring. If you would like more information you re welcome visit Dr. Schwartz"s Los Angeles chest Augmentation FAQ page.

Meet Dr. Michael R. Schwartz

A nationally known breast surgeon.


Double plank certified in both plastic surgery and also general surgery, Dr. Michael R. Schwartz is the go-to surgeon for anatomical breast implants in Calabasas. Through over two decades of experience, his huge expertise, meticulous eye for detail and also rare level that artistry permit him to attain results that space both beautiful and also extremely natural.

A leading national authority in his field, Dr. Schwartz’s field of expertise in breast enhancement and also other plastic surgery steps is beyond compare. He is a national educator because that Sientra and Mentor Corporations chest implants and routinely trains various other leading operated doctor on just how to achieve optimal results throughout their procedures. He likewise teaches his techniques and procedures on instead of of the American culture of Plastic Surgeons.

Sought after everywhere the people for his specialization in plastic surgery, Dr. Schwartz has authored and also presented plenty of papers and has to be an invited speaker in ~ several nationwide plastic surgical procedure meetings. With his riches of expertise, artistic skill and also national reputation, few surgeons are more qualified than Dr. Schwartz to enhance your appearance and also deliver the exquisite cosmetics outcomes girlfriend desire.

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If she interested in achieving full, natural looking and much more beautiful breasts, we encourage you come schedule a consultation through Dr. Schwartz today for amongst the height breast implants Westlake Village, thousands Oaks and also Calabasas need to offer. Throughout that meeting, Dr. Schwartz will closely evaluate her breasts while listening carefully to her concerns, goals and also desired results. Indigenous there, he will compose a practice treatment setup designed to sculpt the exquisite and also exceptionally natural-looking chest girlfriend desire.

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Dr. Schwartz is critically acclaimed in the higher Los Angeles area for having some that the most beautiful results from breast augmentation Los Angeles clients have the right to depend on.

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