Learn when to use shook vs. Shaked vs. Shaken on v Grammar rule from the Writer"s Digest editors, consisting of a couple of examples of exactly usages.

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This week, let's look in ~ the distinctions of shook, shaked, and also shaken. 2 of the words are past tense because that the verb shake, and also the various other one is not a word at all.


Shook vs. Shaked vs. Shaken

Shook is the standard past tense kind of the verb "shake." If ns shake someone's hand today, then i shook someone's hand yesterday, okay?

Shaked is not a word. If friend hear someone use "shaked," that or she probably method to usage "shook."

Shaken is the standard previous participle of the verb "shake." If i shook his hand yesterday, climate his hand was shaken yesterday.

Make sense?

Here space a couple of examples:

Correct: She shook the bag until the ingredients were mixed.Incorrect: She shaked the bag till the ingredients to be mixed.Incorrect: She shaken the bag till the ingredients were mixed.

Correct: He had actually shaken the tree to check out if something would loss out.Incorrect: He had actually shook the tree to view if anything would fall out.Incorrect: He had shaked the tree to see if noþeles would loss out.

So that's exactly how these three terms shake out. Just remember that shook is active, shaken is passive, and also shaked doesn't exist.


No issue what form of writing you do, mastering the fundamentals the grammar and also mechanics is critical first action to having actually a successful writing career.

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