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Ryujin (류진) is a South oriental member of girl group ITZY under JYP Entertainment.

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Stage Name: Ryujin (류진)Birth Name: Shin Ryujin (신류진)English Name: jone ShinBirthday: April 17, 2001Zodiac Sign: AriesBirthplace: Seoul, south KoreaHeight: 164 centimeter (5’4″)Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)Blood Type: B

Ryujin Facts:– Ryujin was scouted by JYP at a GOT7 fanmeeting.– She has an older brothers (3 years older).– Education: Hanlim Multi Art institution (Department of practical Dance)– She was a contestant the JTBC’s MIXNINE in 2017. She was ranked number one in the girls’ team but did not acquire to debut then since her team lost to the boys’ team.– She was featured in BTS‘ highlight Reel together J-hope & Jimin‘s pair, and acted in movie “The King” (both in 2017)– She has additionally appeared ~ above Stray Kids‘ “Survival Show” (2017)– The CEO that YG Entertainment available Ryujin a location in his firm but she made decision to stay with JYP.– top top February 12, 2019, she debuted as a member of ITZY after being a trainee for four years in total.– She is friends with Dreamcatcher‘s JiU, ELRISBella and also LOONA‘s Heejin and also Hyunjin.– she rolemodel is Lee Hyori.– She has two cats; Byul and also Dal.– contrasted to various other members, Ryujin has actually the many tomboyish style.– favorite food: Mocha bread. She likes spicy and savory tastes.– She and groupmate Yuna re-superstructure the very same surname.– her Chinese zodiac authorize is Snake.– she MBTI is INTJ.– Hobbies: Watching movies (her favorite movie is ‘The exclusive right of gift a Wallflower’), taking pictures.– She share a room v Yeji in the dorm.– follow to the various other members, she’s the smartest amongst them. (proven throughout their guesting in in Mafia video game in Prison)– Ryujin & Yeji both obtained their steering lincenses for ‘Not Shy’ comeback.

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