You’ve met a really nice girl, she has actually a boyfriend however flirts with you. If you space attracted to her, these mixed signals have the right to be exciting and disheartening every at the very same time.

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Exciting since she’s every little thing you’ve ever before wanted in a woman, in fact, girlfriend think she too good for friend which adds come the excitement.

But disheartening since now you’re in a dilemma because she’s flirting v you also though she’s a girl with a boyfriend. So how will you be able to trust she if you do finally get together?

And what if her companion finds the end that his girl friend is flirting through someone else? Now, you’ve acquired drama to transaction with. On the various other hand, there room some ladies who can not it is in flirting v you in ~ all, they’re just friendly.

So before you go jumping to conclusions, you require to know whether this lady is in reality flirting v you. To start, lets take a look at the definition of flirting.

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Is She yes, really Flirting v You?

Just for this reason you’re clear, flirting is playfully letting someone know you room romantically interested in them. Part women might want come hide the truth that they’re crushing ~ above you, however no matter how difficult they try, there room some obvious signs that will certainly let girlfriend know how she really feels.

It’s additionally important to mention that not all women will certainly flirt in the same way (with or there is no a boyfriend), but in general, the following behavior will show that she’s flirting with you:

She’s constantly Looking at You

Do you look increase from her desk and also catch she staring at you? once you’re in a group setting, does she pay much more attention come you than anyone else. Once you record her looking, walk she conveniently glance away? These are all indicators that she interested in much more than simply a friendship.


Teasing You

If she smiling, laughing and also being a bit sassy by tenderness making fun of miscellaneous you’ve claimed or done, she flirting with you.

Touching You

Not in an overtly sexual way, but she has actually a really hands-on method during a conversation with you. As soon as she finds something funny, or once she’s making a point, she’ll touch her arm.

She might come increase behind you, rub your earlier and smile; or playfully tickle you because she to know you’re sensitive.

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Her texting Habits

If she texts you random funny things choose a stunner picture, or speak you around something that taken place in class. Possibly she texts you a random concern like,“If friend could pick a superpower, what would certainly it be?” Texts that this nature typical she’s thinking about you.

Her Emoji’s

In this technical era we’re life in whereby we can easily express ourselves v the created word. Flirting has taken on a life that its very own with the usage of emojis. If she’s sending out you hearts, kisses, hugs and also blushing emoji’s, she’s absolutely flirting through you.

Her human body Language

Body language is very important as soon as you room flirting through someone. Preening actions like straightening out clothes, or fixing hair boost when they prefer someone.

This is for 2 reasons, they desire to look their ideal in prior of the human being they are attracted to, and to indirectly let the other human being know that they worthy to see them looking in ~ our best. Another method how girls use body language v flirting is through their feet.

If she feet space pointed towards you, she’s interested. Experts insurance claim that our feet room the most honest parts that the body because they highlight our intentions. Every little thing direction the feet allude is wherein we want to it is in emotionally.


She allows You Know

During a conversation, you notification that she’s not looking at her face, but at your chest area, or if she’s yes, really bold, at her crutch area. Rather of conveniently glancing away as soon as she realizes you’ve captured her out, she lets her eyes linger before making eye call with friend again.

According to author of ‘Superflirt’ Tracy Cox, allowing someone to record you discovering their body method they are trying to send girlfriend a flirtatious message since they want you to know.

13 factors Why a Girl v a Boyfriend will Flirt with you

It is a big compliment if who is flirting through you and also if you have actually read the signs above, you should have actually a great idea if she is really flirting v you.

Now the you recognize she has actually a boyfriend however flirts through you, right here are 13 potential factors why she could be trying come let you recognize she’s interested:

1. She is maintaining Her alternatives Open

We are living in a various era; back in the day, when you discovered someone you attach with, that was it, you take it it further and also built a beautiful relationship together.

Today, it’s come to be the norm for world to think the grass is greener ~ above the other side and also so they save their options open through flirting with various other people. Traditionally, girls felt that men were the ones not wanting to commit to a relationship.

But, today, a lot more girls are maintaining their options open also when lock think they’ve uncovered someone decent, says clinical instructor of psychology Dr. Megan Fleming.


The poor news is the if you room interested in her, girlfriend are probably going to acquire the run approximately for a while. She will keep playing cat and also mouse v you simply in case things don’t occupational out through her existing boyfriend. If you desire to hang around and be seen as an option, that’s up to you.

But if girlfriend are looking for a serious relationship, ns wouldn’t recommend it, because there is a high chance she will certainly play the same video game with friend if girlfriend do at some point get together. If you still no convinced, below are a few signs she’s certainly keeping her choices open:

1. You room the backup Plan

Does she constantly want to schedule things with you in ~ the last minute? It might be because she had an debate with her boyfriend and also wants some company.

Those random texts on a Saturday afternoon saying, “Wanna catch a movie? “I’m in the area.” Is evidence that you room an off-the-cuff thought and also not someone she’s thinking about long term. If friend were, she’d be making plans mainly in advance with you.

Playing hard to Get

The chase is always exciting because that men; however, if yes sir a limited chance that you enjoying the spoils, the game isn’t fun anymore.

But girls who are maintaining their alternatives open will have you jumping through hoops of fire, and also barricading your means through obstacles until she decides she wants to obtain serious with the human she’s seeing, or do things occupational with you.

Superficial Conversation

She desires to keep you on your toes, but she doesn’t want to acquire too near to stop her situation from coming to be too complicated.

Licensed marriage and also family therapist Donald L. Cole says that if a girl no trying to build an emotional connection with friend by sharing her inner world, and also talking about things the are personal to her such as her childhood, or the things that do her vulnerable.

If she’s not initiating in this kind of conversation or preventing conversations the this nature through you if you initiate it, she’s no trying come deepen her connection with you. 

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She’s Expensive

Another tell-tale sign that she’s keeping her alternatives open is that she desires to know exactly how much you’re willing to spend on her.

She will certainly drop hints about having challenges paying she rent, talk around a designer handbag she yes, really likes yet can’t afford, and also if you offer to take out to dinner, she will suggest the many expensive restaurant, or obtain offended once you take she somewhere that’s not up to her standard.

In a situation like this, the greatest bidder wins, if you room willing to spend much more money ~ above her 보다 her present partner, she’ll jump ship.

2. She is an fist Seeker

Attention-seeking actions involves someone doing or saying things in stimulate for human being to focus on them. Examples include:

Fishing for compliments.Embellishing and exaggerating stories to obtain praise or sympathy.Pretending no to be able to do other so that someone will assist or teach them.Being controversial come provoke a reactionAlways causing arguments

If your female friend exhibits these habits often, over there is a high possibility she is flirting through you due to the fact that she needs constant attention, and not due to the fact that she’s attracted to you.

The best way to take care of this instance is to overlook her, attention-seeking is prefer an addiction, if she’s not getting it indigenous you, she will certainly go somewhere else to gain her fix.


3. She is just Flirtatious

Some females are simply really flirtatious, they are extroverts by nature and have friendly and outgoing personalities. She offers sexually fee language during banter, uses straight physical touch, and always looks an excellent when she look at you.

It’s not because she fancies you, that’s how she acts roughly all men since she’s in touch with her feminine energy. Right here are some things a normally flirtatious mrs does:

Smiles a lot and also looks under shyly as soon as speaking come youTwirls her hair throughout conversationCompliments youTouches girlfriend playfully when you room talkingShe move closer to you by prolonging her legs, scooting closer by adjusting in her chair, leaning in to you

Flirtatious females are frequently looked in ~ with apprehension by men and other women. When a boy or man is dating flirtatious girls, that assumes she’s sleeping with everyone. Various other girls space intimidated by flirtatious females due to the fact that they think they’ll try and sleep through their partner.

But the truth is, flirtatious girls space harmless, just don’t take it the not correct way.

4. She wants Her boyfriend to Fight over Her

Kid Rock and also Tommy Lee had a beat up over previous Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson at the MTV video clip Music Awards. Brothers Nick and Aaron Carter concerned blows once Nick found out the Aaron had actually been finessing his ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton.

And then there’s the notorious Jerry Springer display which is based on couples fighting end each other. Follow to researcher Timothy Ketelaar and Daniel Bambacorta from brand-new Mexico State University, ladies feel empowered through the vision of two guys fighting over them. They prefer the fact that they are capable of driving men to walk to together lengths for them.

For the men, they argue that it is connected to evolution, where males possess women, its around testosterone and spreading your seed. Paris Hilton had actually a field day with it and wrote a song around how amazing it was to have actually men fighting end her.

Sometimes a girl just loves drama, and also they will execute anything to acquire it including flirting through other males to acquire a reaction the end of her boyfriend.

She can take a selfie through you and post it on Instagram, or purposely send the to she partners phone to start drama. Or, she will video clip call her partner as soon as she’s with you to make her friend jealous. Unless you space the form who enjoys fighting over women, I would certainly sever this friendship immediately, or you could find yourself in a passion punch-up when you least expect it.


5. She Doesn’t trust Her Boyfriend

Trust is among the most important facets of a healthy and balanced relationship, and also without it, love will never develop because one or both individuals have actually closed us off.

The last thing a woman desires is to dedicate it s her to someone that she is never ever going to to trust fully. There space several reasons why a woman can not trust a man, maybe he’s cheated in the past, or he is lied about something important, or she can have the perfect boyfriend, however she’s acquired trust issues entirely unrelated to the relationship.

Either way, she’s flirting since she doesn’t feel secure in her relationship, and is searching for validation elsewhere.

6. She find You Attractive

“It’s complicated” is a renowned relationship standing on social media profiles. A girl can have simply met a guy, they’ve been on a couple of dates, and also appear to be obtaining on yes, really well.

The difficulty is the she’s met you and finds girlfriend attractive, and doesn’t understand what come do around the man she’s started dating.

The complication lies in the reality that she likes both the you, but since she doesn’t recognize where things are going through the human she’s dating, she’s confused. Her means of taking care of the dilemma is through flirting v you till she’s made up her mind about who she want’s to it is in with and decides come leave she boyfriend.

7. You have actually Something Her boyfriend Doesn’t

Before a woman starts dating, she has an ideal kind of man. Probably he is good looking, funny, kind, adventurous and rich. However, ~ being solitary for some time, she desperately desires to resolve down. She meets someone and he ticks most of the boxes, yet not every one of them.

He can have every little thing on her list apart from great looks. Instead of wait for what she yes, really wants, she settles because that this guy since she feels that the perfect male isn’t out there for this reason he will certainly do.

The factor why she flirts v you is due to the fact that you are the lacking piece the the jigsaw because that her. Friend don’t have actually the other characteristics she is searching for in a man, but you are an excellent looking. Therefore anytime she’s roughly you, she experiences that chemistry she doesn’t have actually with she partner.

8. She had an argument With her Boyfriend

There is no such point as the perfect relationship, and couples are going to gain into arguments. However, part women address the emotional strain of an debate by flirting with various other men.

A friend of mine has been married because that 10 years, any time they acquire into a fight, she puts on a tight, short dress with heels, a full confront of makeup, does she hair and also goes out.

She won’t return until the early on hours that the morning through her hair messed up, and her make-up smudged. She claims not to have cheated, and also my friend is not sure whether he believes her. But she has actually done this because the beginning of your relationship and also its just how she faces their arguments.

Some ladies flirt with other guys ~ an argument since they are searching for reassurance and comfort. Arguments can gain pretty nasty, and also maybe she boyfriend stated something an unfavorable about her weight, or she appearance in general.

9. Her boyfriend is not Affectionate

A hug isn’t the only way to let someone recognize you’ve missed them, and you can display your partner you care with an ext than a kiss. However for part women, affection is really important in a relationship, and if they don’t get it, they feel neglected through their far-ranging other.

Her love language could be physical touch, and his might be action of service which method that he displayed his love v the points that the does because that her. Follow to connection psychologist Gary Chapman, once two human being speak a various love language, the can cause problems in a relationship.

When one human feels unappreciated, they are going come look somewhere else for the validation castle need even though she already has a boyfriend.

If your female girlfriend is flirting v you by being overly affectionate, perhaps she web links arms v you once you walk out, or sits close come you once you’re chilling in ~ home, it can be because she isn’t get sufficient affection from she partner.

10. She is Flirting to No One, She’s just Friendly

There is a big difference between a friendly and also a flirtatious woman. Unfortunately, some guys can’t call the difference, and will assume that a woman is flirting through them once she’s just being friendly.

For example, friendly women smile a lot, they are an extremely talkative and also can be affectionate. She can lean over and grab your hand when she it s okay excited about something during a conversation.

But she is not flirting but trying to be friends, and taking her friendliness the wrong means could obtain you right into trouble. Below are some signs that you room definately in the girlfriend zone:

She costume Down around You

When you met, she may have been pull on up because she was going what that compelled making the extra effort. However, now when she’s around you, she attract casual clothes, ties she hair increase in a bun, and also wears no make up.Not every women want to look an excellent to admire a man, however when a mrs is flirting v you, she is walk to perform her ideal to show up attractive come you.

She is also Comfortable

A woman that is attracted to a male is very careful with her behavior. Castle don’t desire to show up too loud, for this reason they will reduced their voice as soon as they are speaking come you. Lock don’t desire to appear too greedy, so they will certainly order a salad in ~ a restaurant, and also then only eat fifty percent of it, claiming they are not hungry as soon as they’re starving. But if she’s boisterous, and also not afraid to provide her opinion when she’s about you, or eats what she wants when she wants, you can rest assured that she’s no interested in you.

She Confides in You

Again, when a woman is do the efforts to obtain a guys attention, she desires to show up slightly aloof and mysterious. Therefore, she is no going to tell girlfriend everything. If she watch you together a friend, she might tell you around her insecurities, a sickness she sick from, and other personal information about herself that she wouldn’t divulge to someone she’s attracted to.

She just Calls friend For useful Reasons

Maybe she’s had actually an debate with she boyfriend, or she desires advice about something you’ve obtained expertise in. One of two people way, she never calls friend for random conversations since she just wants come speak come you, there’s constantly a factor for your call.

11. She In a Situationship

A situationship is similar to the ‘it’s complicated’ status, however it’s more clear cut. It’s as soon as two human being actually really favor each other, they invest a most time together and act as if they are in a relationship, yet nothing has actually been defined.

Everything has been left up in the air, there hasn’t been a conversation about whether you an yes, really couple. However, in the situationship, one human is more invested in the union than the other. In the case of your friend, she’s probably the one who is much less invested, and also the male likes her much more than she likes him. Thus the reason why she’s flirting with you.

12. She Misses gift Single

For most of us, being solitary is yes, really exciting; we deserve to go whereby we want when we want, and meet new people without having to answer come anyone.

The single life is one of freedom, it provides us the opportunity to occupational on our goals, and also pursue various other endeavors that we might not be able to when we room in a relationship. Her schedule is one hundred percent yours, and also there is no one else come think about when it comes to making crucial decisions.

People in a relationship likewise miss flirting. It’s basic to get so comfortable that you stop pursuing each other. There is a tendency to become more like friends 보다 anything else. As soon as you to be single, you got dressed increase on the weekends and also hit the town, as soon as you met who you to be attracted to, the chemistry in the air to be so intense, you might cut it with a knife.

Now, her weekends room sat under the duvet in prior of the TV put on a comfy tracksuit. Her relationship has grown stale. To bring ago that spark again, it takes 2 to tango, it might be that her companion isn’t ready to do the effort because he’s happy v the means things are.

Since she’s not, her way of bringing some excitement right into her life is by flirting with various other men, and you are among them.

13 She Flirts through You since She wants to have actually an Affair

There are a the majority of reasons why girls have affairs, together as sex-related addiction, the thrill of sex-related novelty, boredom, and revenge. However, experts argue that the majority of the time, when a girl has actually an affair, she is seek to fill an emotionally void.

The reality is that women have been gaining away v cheating because that years. We have been conditioned to believe that men are the players who can’t manage their sex-related urges, and also women are the innocent bystanders.

But follow to sexpert Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, the gender space for infidelity is closing. Previously, unfaithfulness in ladies either go undetected, or unreported. However, the technological era we room living in now has provided a communication for females to express your frustrations about relationships and also marriage like never ever before.

During the research phase for she book, ‘The mystery Life of the Cheating Wife,’ Dr. Alice Walker discovered that women went in other places for sex-related pleasure in an attempt to keep their relationships.

After trying for years, and also in some cases decades to reclaim sexual satisfaction in your partnerships, they chose to have an affair to meet their needs. In part cases, girls are not trying to conserve their relationships but to sabotage them.

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According come psychologist Dr. Charlunn Ruan, as soon as a girl feels trapped in a partnership with someone who is emotionally unavailable, stifling, or controlling, and also their partner is do not want to readjust but in ~ the very same time i will not ~ let go of the relationship, cheating generally pushes the male away and he leaves.