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A distinctive edition that the sayings of Diogenes, whose biting wit and eccentricity influenced the anecdotes that express his Cynic philosophy. It includes the account of his immediate successors, such as Crates and also Hipparchia, and also the witty moral preacher Bion. The contrasting teachings of the Cyrenaics and also the hedonistic Aristippos finish the volume.

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A distinct edition the the sayings the Diogenes, who biting wit and eccentricity inspired the anecdotes the express his Cynic philosophy. It includes the account of his instant successors, such as Crates and Hipparchia, and also the witty ethical preacher Bion. The contrasting teachings that the Cyrenaics and the hedonistic Aristippos finish the volume.

The only selection of the sayings and anecdotes the Diogenes, the old Greek thinker whose biting wit and bizarre behaviour has actually passed down to the current day in European literature andart.Offers a comprehensive survey of Diogenes" moral philosophy in the form of pithy maxims and also entertaining stories, in addition to his prompt followers, consisting of Crates, and also other early philosophers in the Cynic, Stoic, and also Cyrenaic schools, and a lively selection from the apocryphal post of the Cynics and Socratics.The an initial source-book in English for Diogenes and the beforehand Cynics, pass together material from a range of various original sources.Attractive, colloquial translate in emphasizes the obtainable nature of the material.Introduction explains the meaning of the anecdotal material in relationship to the moral teaching of every school, and also looks at the stories that have come down to us about Diogenes" famously ascetic life, such as living in a storage-jar. Explanatory Notes recognize people and also places, and also explain literature and cultural allusions.Includes indexes of names and also themes.

About the Author(s)

Diogenes the Cynic

Translated by Robin Hard

Robin difficult has interpreted Apollodorus" Library that Greek Mythology and also Marcus Aurelius" Meditations because that Oxford World"s Classics. That is the writer of the Routledge Handbook that Greek Mythology.

Table that Contents

Diogenes and the beforehand CynicsA humorous Portrait of Diogenes and also AristipposDiogenes" Conversion to the Ascetic LifeThe Sage as BeggarSelf-CharacterizationA Short-cut come PhilosophyThe world of IllusionReligion and SuperstitionPoliticians and RulersThe Sale and also Enslavement that DiogenesMoralistic and also TraditionalDiogenes as WitOld Age and DeathImmediate pendant of DiogenesSayings and Anecdotes of CratesThe pendant of CratesPostscript: Borysthenes the BionAntisthenes as Forerunner that CynicismAristippos and the CyrenaicsAristippos the CyreneThe Cyrenaic school under the Younger AristipposThe various other CyrenaicsApocryphal LettersSelections from the Cynic LettersCorrespondence that Aristippos

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