Same type of different As Me summary Same type of various As Me is a memoir by Ron room detailing his friendship through a homeless male named Denver Moore. Regardless of their plenty of differences, Hall and Moore strike up what will become a deep, lifelong friendship.

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Denver Moore to be born in Louisiana, where he operated as a sharecropper until he hopped a train and also moved to Texas.

Ron hall was a usual soup salesman, however he i do not care a rich, successful art dealer. His wife, Debbie, becomes deeply involved in charity work, and she introduce him to Moore.

By the time Debbie dies of cancer, Hall and Moore have become great friends.

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The book Same type of different as Me, through Ron Hall and Denver Moore, is a memoir that tells the stories of its 2 authors and central protagonists indigenous their early years to the time they meet, in addition to their bonding afterward.


Born in 1937, Denver grows up between hardship and segregation in Red flow Parish, Louisiana. At an early age, he starts working together a sharecropper for a affluent farmer, who, for all helpful purposes, has actually enslaved Denver. After virtually thirty year of together indentured labor, Denver escapes indigenous it every by acquisition the freight train out of the city. Illiterate and unemployable, he is left come fend for self on the streets.

Ron Hall, born in 1950, has a more comfortable upbringing. His lower-middle-class family members is able to administer him through an education that sets that up because that a career later on. In college, he meets Deborah. She is uneven the various other girls Ron has actually pursued, and also the two begin dating. Throughout the Vietnam War, Ron is post in Albuquerque, brand-new Mexico, as a weapons assistance administrator.

Ron and also Deborah marry after he has served out the draft period. Ron i do not care a respectable arts dealer ~ a insignificant marketing Campbell"s Soup and then working as an invest banker. He i do not care wealthy, and his work exposes him come the way of life of the rich and also famous—a way of life he aspires to emulate. Deborah’s disinterest in material wealth, however, is in contrast to Ron’s evaluation of the luxuries the money can buy, and also the two thrive apart.

Ron has an affair through an artist in Beverly Hills, and also Deborah forgives him. ~ seeking assist from a marriage counselor, the...

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