Royal ache Season 8 illustration 7 Review: The great News Is...

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Both the track Divya sang to she child, and the actress’ voice to be beautiful in that opened scene and set the bar high. 

I likewise have to say the the women far outdid the guys with their singing abilities. When Hank and Evan were singing about being done, I found myself wishing lock were in reality done a few verses sooner. 

Cloris Leachman was wonderful together Annette, and I thought that having actually the music numbers stem native hallucinations because of her brain bleed make them a much an ext plausible fit for the show.

In maintaining with the ton of the series, the song ranged from humorous to heartfelt…

My eggs don"t it seems to be ~ to care that Evan"s hot for me. Screw you, short motility. F. U., infertility. I"m do a baby.


Despite the setup of Eddie and Ms. Newburgh’s wedding (and i’m a sucker because that a wedding episode), it was Paige and also Evan’s infertility trials that stole the show for me. 

As lot as I could understand Evan wanting to execute the pregnant test early, i was appalled that he jumped ahead and read the finish of books. That’s simply so wrong! 

But back to the story in ~ hand. Paige’s quiet devastation at her an unfavorable pregnancy test was heartbreaking in this royal Pains quote…

I simply don"t recognize why something that"s so an easy has to it is in so hard.


Especially when it was obvious to everyone approximately them what wonderful parental Evan and Paige will make. That was additionally evident in Paige’s advice come Evan worrying his father.

Evan had every appropriate to it is in furious through Eddie for what that done, but the feeling was consuming him. Whether or not Eddie deserved to be forgiven to be irrelevant; it was Evan who deserved come live there is no the anger in the direction of his father. 

Evan’s toast to his Dad was perfect in that honesty…

To mine Dad, Eddie R. Lawson, the guy who make me that I am, great and bad. The very same hustle, the attraction to short cuts, the eye for a way in and up, but likewise the luck of finding human being who love us for who we are and also make us much better men.


Jeremiah brought Cindy as his day to the wedding, and also it’s wonderful to check out him make such development in both his career and personal life. Ns really hope we get to watch him and also Cindy with each other a bit an ext before the series ends next week. 

The musical number at the rehearsal dinner actually had me singing follow me which shocked me as much as anyone. Because that goodness sake, they to be singing around diseases together leprosy and crooning about how we’re all going to dice someday…and yet the entirety number make me smile. 

I also liked the Annette passed out because, let’s challenge it, it’s not a HankMed party unless someone end up unconscious and in require of clinical assistance. 

I’m thrilled that Paige and also Evan uncovered out they to be pregnant.

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In ~ it’s core, imperial Pains is an optimistic, happy show and this pair deserves to be happy. 

Has Divya made it into Johns Hopkins? it is my guess, yet we’ll need to wait and also see. 

And will Hank pick to close up HankMed and move on? Is over there truly no love on the horizon for Dr. Hank Lawson? execute you need there come be for the collection to have actually a satisfying conclusion?

Tune in following week because that my review of the collection finale, imperial Pains Season 8 illustration 8, and also if you can not wait until then, friend can watch imperial Pains online here at TV Fanatic.