Choosing between roll ~ above deodorant, spray deodorant, and stick deodorant is harder than trying not to look at at your phone every second after you’ve just sent the risky text. You know the one.

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But we’re right here to make things much easier for you. We’ve gone v each style of deodorant, one through one, to help you decision what’s best for you. Oh, and also as for the risky texts? We’ve acquired you spanned on the one too.

Here’s your guide to pole deodorant vs role on vs spray deodorant. Stop go!


WHY roll ON rules SUPREME

Let’s begin with role on. A Lynx role on deodorant is one underarm cheat code because it’s a great example the what renders roll ons awesome. This is why castle great:

Sneakin’ it. Wondering even if it is to go for spray or role on deodorant? they’re both good – yet if friend realise you should freshen up in ~ the back of class, nobody will notice a fast swipe with a roll on. As soon as you spray and the can goes ‘SHHHHHHT’, she busted.Size matters. role on or spray antiperspirant – i m sorry is the ideal to use if you’ve already put 12 bag of trousers (you never know what can happen) into your near-to-bursting weekend bag? roll ons are usually a little smaller so they might have the leaf there.

Now you’re a roll on convert, you’re going to want to know just how to apply it. Raise her arm over your head, swipe the in circular motions on her underarm for also coverage, and then go have actually a sick day.


Still curious about the ‘roll on vs spray deodorant’ battle? Ofc you room – the answer could revolutionise your life! this is why sprays room a heavy choice:

When you’ve obtained your hands on a can: twisted the cap, shiver the can, spray that 15cm far from her underarms. However that’s no all – you have to probably inspect out our overview to using body spray to make certain you’re nailing it.


And then there’s the OG that the game. The rod deodorant. This is why you should make this choice:

First class. girlfriend might additionally find that due to the fact that stick deodorants room solid, you can chuck one in a bag and travel through it v no problems. It is 1-0 come stick deodorants vs having actually airport security looking in ~ those 12 pairs of trousers you packed in her bag earlier.Finesse it. rod deodorants give you even an ext control than a role on or a spray. We’re talk super accurate. Choose your K/D on your favourite FPS.

Stick deodorant is really straightforward to apply too. Take the lid off, revolve the dial to raise the stick, and also swipe the a couple of times on your underarms. And you can be confident the you’re sorted for the day.

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No matter which an option you do (and there isn’t a bad one increase there, tbh), Lynx will have you odor incredible and ready come take the leap/make that move.