The finish condition that pre-owned Rock tape 4 Band-in-a-Box software program Bundle includes Manual, Box, Microphone, Controller(s), bundled Game(s), sleeve Packaging / Box, Shoulder Strap

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Rock tape 4 Band-in-a-Box software Bundle (Playstation 4)

Created by Harmonix Music Systems, Inc., the award-winning developer of fix up music games, Rock band 4 it is provided the ecstatic sirloin of a live tape performance like never before. Unleash her expressive talents with all-new gameplay elements including Freestyle guitar Solos, drum Fills, and also Freestyle Vocals that permit you to add your personal signature come every performance.

Offering much more than the 60 monitor featured in the main point playlist, over 1,500 extr tunes are accessible for download native the ever-growing, in-game Music Store. Friend can also freely import your previously purchased Rock tape music library right into RB4. Acquire social v multiplayer “Shows” mode — fall in or out, and also even change difficulty, all on the fly and without interrupting gameplay in one of the finest party games available.


The Wireless Fender Stratocaster etc Controller lets you ignite the crowd without any cables to trip you up. Belt the end the highs and also croon the lows through an upgraded USB Microphone. And, the Wireless drum Kit to add yet an additional layer of funny to Rock band jam sessions. Take her performance to the key stage with this immersive Rock band 4 bundle the empowers you to master your stage presence and become a superstar act.

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PRODUCT Features

Start a Band. Absent the world - Grab part friends and live out your rock fantasies top top stage, under the lights and in front of a roaring crowdAdd Your an individual Signature - placed a distinct spin on your favorite tracks through Freestyle guitar Solos, drum Fills, and Freestyle VocalsWorld-Class Soundtrack - over 60 brand-new songs native rock"s best names and upcoming actsBe social - new "Shows" mode energizes her Rock Band collection with a seamless multiplayer experienceNext-Gen Controllers - become a headliner v a Wireless Fender Stratocaster guitar Controller, Wireless north Kit, and also USB Mic