COLLECTIBLESTombs: 3Strongboxes: 14Crypt Treasures: 2Relics: 18Documents: 26Murals: 12Survival Caches: 21Coin Caches: 9CHALLENGESDifference that Opinion - Burn all cosmonaut propaganda posters.

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Open the gate by pulling under the roped barricade. Open up the door in ~ the peak of the stairway to your left and collect THE game (RELIC 12/18). Research the pieces to earn an ext XP. Currently go to the cabin throughout from the gate, whereby the roped barricade was, to find GLORIOUS discovery (DOCUMENT 19/26). Exit through the feet in the back, through the blackboard, head left, and dig increase SURVIVAL CACHE 14/21 in the snow. You may want to use your map to find this.


Go to the other side the the barbed fence, cross the train tracks (by going in between two train carts), and climb up the structure to your left utilizing the crate on the side. Climb the ladder, pull under the roped barricade, and also jump across. In the complying with room where Lara comments on the caged beds, SECOND kill (DOCUMENT 20/26) is come the left. Climb the ladder and also you"ll learn just how to make Molotov Cocktails. Craft a Molotov Cocktail to throw at the team of guards to unlock:

FirestarterDefeat two adversaries or much more using a solitary Molotov Cocktail


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Take out the remainder of the guards and then take a bottle back to the first ladder friend climbed, on optimal of the structure with the boxes come the side. A roped barricade will be close to the ladder and also a poster will be in the room. Usage the Molotov to burn POSTER 1/7.


Climb back and rise up the red-marked wooden wall surface near the group of 3 soldiers. Jump ideal to a ladder where you"ll uncover the ARCHIVIST MAP at the top. Go ago down and burn the flammable obstacle near the red-marked wall. Inside that room, burn POSTER 2/7 and collect DOG sign (RELIC 13/18). Examine the earlier to earn an ext XP.


Climb the red-marked wall again, yet this time drop down to the left. Facing the white-marked steel wall, walk left and collect STRONGBOX 7/14. Turn around and also press the button by the gate to open up it. Down the path once "Unknown Area/Optional difficulty Tomb" is on your screen, an ARCHIVIST MAP will it is in lying top top a table come the left.

Continue down the totally-safe-not-dangerous-at-all path. As soon as you reach a fork in the roadway while you"re swimming, take it the path to her left and also dig increase SURVIVAL CACHE 15/21 in ~ the finish of the railroad tracks. Under the ideal path and ago on land, burn under the flammable barrier and also follow the path. You"ll loss down because of a minecart and also there will certainly be a fork in the road. The left course leads earlier up and also the right leads deeper right into the cave. Head deeper and also you"ll reach yet another fork in the road. Take the right path to SURVIVAL CACHE 16/21 and also then continue down the left path. After almost falling to her death, in the room through the broken water pipes, HIP FLASK (RELIC 14/18) is ~ above the table in the center of the room. Research the peak to earn an ext XP.

Burn the flammable barrier throughout the fallout’s water by cram a Molotov Cocktail over the pipes. You may need to step ago to struggle the barrier. Overcome the waterfall.


Jump left and also head right into the cave. Revolve left and also RESISTANCE (DOCUMENT 21/26) will it is in on the table. One EXPLORER SATCHEL is located to the best of a minecart near document 21. Head down the cave and light the Excavation column Base Camp.

Jump to the platform across from the base camp, again to the following one, and also head up the stairs. To the ideal of the top of the stair is BOMB FUSE (RELIC 15/18). Pull down the container with gold inside it, the one suspended by a wire, to let a minecart loose and start the puzzle. Climb earlier up the stairs and also go straight. DISCOVERY (DOCUMENT 22/26) is ~ above the table inside the little room. Turn around and also use the ramp to rise higher. Turn about again and use the horizontal pole come swing across to the top of the tiny room and also read MURAL 10/12. Climb the building across of the mural. Look at the rail tracks and pull a minecart down through a roped arrow. It will certainly be quit by a container. Connect the rope short article at the top of the building to the roped minecart together. Climb down the and also pull down the container complete of gold. This will stop the water and you"ll have the ability to make a Molotov Cocktail to burn v the flammable barrier. Currently collect BRIGHT EYES. Exit the tomb through the feet in the back. SURVIVAL CACHE 17/21 is behind the an initial floodlight, near the left-side wall. Continue down the route until you exit the cave.


Back in the Soviet Installation, rise the white-marked steel wall. Autumn down and also burn the flammable barrier at the peak of the stairs. Enter the newly-open building, walk to the right, and also read MURAL 11/12. Looking at the mural, go left and collect HERO the THE SOVIET UNION MEDAL (RELIC 16/18) top top a table. Rotate around and look as much as see POSTER 3/7.

Pull down the roped barricade across the mural and slide under the path. Make sure to jump near the end. To the left, collect STRONGBOX 8/14 and burn POSTER 4/7. Climb up the ledge and make a zip heat to ORDER of THE RED BANNER MEDAL (RELIC 17/18).

Climb the white-marked walls and also pull down the roped barricade to climb earlier up. Head come the target beacon and rope swing across using the hanging rope coil. Pull down the garbage blocking your way, overcome the track, and climb the craggy rock wall. Proceed up the ladder and kill the guard. Rise up another ladder surrounding and shimmy your means across the outside of the building. Head under a zip line and and take STRONGBOX 9/14 to the left. Produce a zip line to the building throughout from you. Once you land, you"ll alert the guards there. Death them, jump end a small gap, rise a white-marked wooden wall, and collect AN ally IN THE DARKNESS (DOCUMENT 23/26) to the best on a table. Seize a party from the ar where you combated the guards and also head back up. Rise up the stairs, wall, and ladder in ~ which allude you"ll watch INTERCEPTED (DOCUMENT 24/26) on part chests in front of you. To the right is a flammable barrier with PILLBOX (RELIC 18/18) and POSTER 5/7 along with 2 bottles. Study the opening on the top of the relic to earn an ext XP. POSTER 6/7 is located over of the flammable barrier.

The relic will boost your Russian come level 3 and also you will earn:

FluentReach max proficiency in one language


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Head left of document 23, rope swing across, and climb under the stairs. In the room with all of the birds, STRONGBOX 10/14 is to the right. Climb up the white-marked metal wall surface and crawl into the room

Alone Again - Regroup with Jacob

Kill the guards in the room. POSTER 7/7 is over the generators.

Completing your fifth challenge will likewise unlock:

Looking because that TroubleComplete 5 Challenges


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At the objective beacon is a flammable obstacle that will reason a substantial fire when you burn it down. Rise a couple of set that stairs and also kill a couple of guards till you get a tiny cutscene where you"ll be grounding in a room with 2 soldiers. After death them, 3 soldiers with riot shields will certainly spawn. Girlfriend can quickly kill lock by throwing Molotov Cocktails in ~ them. Once they"re dead, a new path will open up up. Take it it, climb up a ladder, make a zip line, and zip line down.

There room two zip lines here. If you press

as you"re around to gain to the finish of the an initial one, you have the right to unlock Zipper (Perform a manual zip line transfer). If you"re on excessive Survival and you fall, you have actually a long method to backtrack together the critical base camp remained in the Red Mine Tomb. Over there is another place to earn this achievement that"s close to a base camp. I"ll allude it out when we gain there.

A tiny cutscene plays and also you"ll enter the exit mines.

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*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***CollectiblesThe Red Mine tomb - 8:40 thru 12:05Strongboxes 7 - 5:17Strongboxes 8 - 13:39Strongboxes 9 - 16:15Strongboxes 10 - 20:43Relic 12 - 0:18Relic 13 - 3:13Relic 14 - 8:09Relic 15 - 9:32Relic 16 - 13:03Relic 17 - 14:13Relic 18 - 20:00Document 19 - 0:40Document 20 - 1:48Document 21 - 8:50Document 22 - 10:04Document 23 - 17:54Document 24 - 18:48Mural 10 - 10:39Mural 11 - 12:46Survival Cache 14 - 0:52Survival Cache 15 - 6:20Survival Cache 16 - 7:43Survival Cache 17 - 12:13Archivist Map - 5:02, 5:40Explorer Satchel - 8:57ChallengesPoster 1 - 4:08Poster 2 - 3:00Poster 3 - 13:13Poster 4 - 13:47Poster 5 - 18:57Poster 6 - 20:15Poster 7 - 21:49
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