Stella"s rise of the dig Raider Walkthrough - Xbox One, Windows pc & playstation 4

This DLC is part of the rise of the tomb Raider 20 Year solemn event edition. If you already own the original version that the video game on pc or Xbox One, you can obtain this DLC as component of the Season happen or by to buy the 20 Year celebration event pack. If you"re having trouble activating the DLC, check out here. You have the right to play this DLC any time after getting to the Siberian Wilderness level in the key story. To access the new content, select Croft Manor indigenous the main menu. Then choose brand-new Story - Blood Ties. (New expedition - Lara"s Nightmare will be covered in a different section.) Both PlayStation VR and SteamVR encompass support for Blood Ties.

You can"t conserve your game during Croft Manor other than via the autosave.

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If girlfriend quit and return later, the video game should permit you to continue from where you left off. As much as ns know, there are no well-known issues, yet you can always refer come the increase of the tomb Raider Master bug Post top top the Square Enix court if you run into trouble.

OBJECTIVE: open Lord Croft"s Safe

During the initial cutscene Lara reads a letter from she uncle ordering she to vacate the manor unless she can find legal evidence to assistance her claim of ownership. This counts as document #1.

To streamline the walkthrough, all documents and relics are detailed in a table in ~ the finish of the walkthrough in the same order in which they appear in the in-game document and Relic viewers. Due to the fact that most are not daunting to find, especially using survival Instinct, this need to make it simpler to zero in on any you may have missed the an initial time. Also, the objectives are updated much more frequently 보다 I have listed. I"ve just included the significant goals. Inspect the in-game map display if girlfriend forget your existing objective.

RICHARD CROFT"S STUDY: Lara notices the locked wall surface safe. The very first major puzzle is to item together the mix for the safe by examining various documents and relics. While you"re here, pick up the following collectibles:

OBJECTIVE: uncover an alternative Route to the Library

CORRIDOR come STUDY: departure the study into the nearby corridor. The door top top the left leader to the LIBRARY, but it"s locked. You"ll require to discover another way in. Research relic #8, a hand-drawn map Lara made together a child, sit on the boxes on the best side that the corridor. (screenshot) This map provides a clue to assist you with the LIBRARY.

The enntrance gate to the SERVANTS" i is simply ahead on the right, yet if you shot to enter, Lara states it"s also dark. You"ll require to find a flashlight prior to you can check out here. For now, let"s pursue a few more pickups. Relic #9, an Ankh native Richard"s collection, is in a glass instance opposite the servants" entrance. (screenshot) proceed to the end of the corridor and enter the next room.

EAST WING sit ROOM: choose up record #4, a keep in mind from Lara to her dad, ~ above the red animal leather chair near the fireplace and document #5 ~ above the coffee table near the open laptop. Then research the fit of armor in the edge by the door. This actually counts together mural #1. (screenshot) over there is additionally an entry about it under Documents, however the Suits that Armor series is no counted toward the 40-document total. Proceed through the doorway near the fit of armor.

MAIN HALL upper LEVEL: Head to the left along the upper level. Open the lacquered room to find relic #10, a Phoenix Figurine. (screenshot) proceed along the upper level come the far corner, where you"ll uncover relic #11, a cigarette instance sitting on a windowsill. (screenshot) There"s additionally a locked trunk. Later, you"ll find the key to open it.

As you continue roughly the upper level, Lara remembers an occurrence in which she father warned she away native the WEST WING, whereby her mother"s rooms had been. This doors space locked, but again, we"ll find the key shortly. Descend the main staircase.

MAIN HALL reduced LEVEL: over there are numerous items to collect here. As you come under the main staircase, you"ll see one more leather-bound diary on the table by the hearth. This is record #6, among Amelia"s diary entries. In the main entryway, top top the much side of the room, is a box containing a FLASHLIGHT. This likewise counts together relic #12, component of the "Gear" set. (screenshot) when you retrieve the flashlight, Lara attaches that to her lapel. She"ll immediately turn that on once necessary, so you"re prepared to check out that dark passageway. But very first make a couple of more pickups.

On the table opposite the box that hosted the flashlight, pick up Lara"s phone to hear file #7, a post to Jonah. (screenshot) Just roughly the corner, ~ above a shelf near a desiccated potted palm, is file #8 one more letter native Atlas de Mornay, and also relic #13, one Ouroboros amulet in a glass case. (screenshot)

Finally head because that the alcove to the left that the staircase, near the rubble-strewn hole in the floor to find one more ancestor"s bust sitting in an alcove. This is relic #14. (screenshot)

There"s nothing an ext we have the right to do right here now, so climb the stairs and head come the right, back into the eastern WING sitting ROOM and the CORRIDOR come THE STUDY. Go with the door top top the right, just before the study. If you activate survival Instinct, you"ll an alert it"s marked with a child"s handprints. (screenshot) currently that Lara has actually the FLASHLIGHT, you"ll have the ability to see wherein you"re going.

NOTE: uneven you actually examined relic #8, Lara"s map, you will not be able to open the covert door come the servants" passages.

Objective: use the Servants" i to reach the Library

SERVANTS" PASSAGES: Behind the door is paper #9 a letter from Lara"s uncle to her mother. (screenshot) Go under the stairs. At the bottom, retrieve record #10, among Richard Croft"s audio recordings. (screenshot) The door alongside this document doesn"t open yet, so continue down to the basement. At the bottom of the stairs, sit on a wood crate, is record #11 an additional letter indigenous Atlas to Amelia. (screenshot)

WINE CELLAR: enter the dank cellar lined v shelves of old bottles. Pass by the rolling dare for now and also continue come the finish of the main isle, where you"ll find file #12, a keep in mind from Winston to Lara"s father, sit on a wood table near a green chair. (screenshot)

Turn around and also head earlier the way you came. Seize the rojo cart and also push it the end of the way. Then move through the gap between the shelves ~ above the left. (screenshot) front on the right is the servants" dining table. After ~ a brief flashback, research relic #15, the chessboard Lara and also Winston used to use. (screenshot) You"ll require to uncover a CROWBAR in bespeak to open the 2 steel lockers here.

Turn around and also head back down this aisle. Just ahead top top the left, is another of Amelia"s journals, file #13, and a little farther along, on among the wood shelves, is paper #14 written by Winston. (screenshot)

Go with the gap in between the wooden crates and shelves that hosted the last two documents. Turn right and continue to the finish of the aisle. Pull one more rolling cart out of the way. Go around behind it and also pull the next rolling dare to clean the doorway. Go earlier around come the various other side the the shelves, turn left, and also continue with the doorway that was formerly blocked by the cart. (screenshot) Just beyond the doorway is relic #16, a decision decanter. (screenshot)

BASEMENT TUNNELS: proceed forward through a low tunnel. In ~ the very first bend, you"ll spot a relic behind the fence ~ above the left. Friend can"t reach it from here, but you"ll method it indigenous behind shortly. Continue through a section with rusty water on the floor and also old stole pipes lining the walls and ceiling. Rotate left in ~ the painted wood bird figure. (screenshot) proceed straight ahead, keeping the lengthy basement wall on your right, till you pertained to the much corner. Revolve left here, then right, then left again, still walking v the rusty water. As you action out of the water ~ above the earthen floor, go around the wooden obstacle to the ago right corner to discover relic #17, Lara"s mummified teddy be afflicted with in its small sarcophagus. (screenshot)

Turn around and leave this alcove, heading towards the back right corner of the basement when encountering away from the box where you uncovered the be afflicted with mummy. Watch the end for the "deadly trap" laid the end ahead. A yellow plastic box suspended native the ceiling v a rope snare below. In the center of the snare is relic #18, a Trap system crafted by Winston. (screenshot)

Continue around to the right into a part of the tunnel inside wall with broke down brickwork. A small farther on, you emerge into a dry section of the basement. There"s a steel door ~ above the left, but it is just for decoration. That won"t open even when you find a key. Squeeze v the gap in between the piled-up wooden crates. (screenshot) Then automatically make a U-turn come the left (screenshot) to find relic #19, the Anubis bust girlfriend glimpsed through the fence earlier. (screenshot)

Go back the way you came and also continue forward past the electric breaker box and another metal locker you can"t open up yet. Climb the ladder to the floor above. (screenshot) prior to entering the LIBRARY, study relic #20, a collection of remodeling plans, and file #15, among Lord Croft"s journals. Then press through the door marked with young Lara"s handprints. (screenshot)

OBJECTIVE: find for the combination in the Library

LIBRARY: The mystery panel you simply came through closes behind you as you get in the LIBRARY, leaving only a wall surface of bookshelves. First, head come the right and also activate the gramophone come hear a nostalgic track from Tomb Raider 2. Study the suit of armor, in ~ the west finish of the room. This counts as mural #2. (screenshot) It likewise unlocks among the Suits the Armor documents, yet this is not counted toward the total. There space a number of other collectibles in this room.

Document #16 - among Amelia"s journals, ~ above a rolling cart just ahead. (screenshot)Document #17 - A record from Lara"s father, sitting on a tiny table near the roll cart and the secret entrance in the bookshelves. (screenshot)

On the southwest next of the library there"s a roll ladder the will enable you to access the upper level. (screenshot) traction it to the left and climb up. Turn right and pull the rolling cart out of the way. Climate climb ago down, push the ladder back into its original position, and climb earlier up again. Through the cart the end of the way, you have the right to now deserve to make your method around the far side of the upper level. Below you"ll find relic #27, one more of Lara"s childhood exploration Maps, sitting on optimal of a locked chest. (screenshot)

Climb or jump down to the floor. Stand close to the fireplace and hold Interact to usage the LIGHTER to light the fire. (screenshot) climate press connect again to hold the map friend just discovered up to the fire. This activates the invisible ink so you can see the complete map. The revealed map counts together a separate relic #28.

Objective: use the endowment Map to find the understand Key

Turn about to and approach the chest close to the bookshelves. Now that you"ve deciphered the map, this chest moves. (screenshot) push it next to discover a steel box underneath. Open it to discover relic #29, the MASTER KEY, i m sorry will permit you to open the locked doors and chests transparent the manor.

Use the roll library ladder come climb ago to the upper level. Go roughly to the right and use the key to open up the chest ~ above which the expedition map was resting. (screenshot) within is relic #30, Lara"s homemade Egyptian crown. This is just one of the Safe mix Clues. (screenshot)

Objective: find for the Remaining mix Clues in the Atelier and Master Bedroom

Use the Master vital to unlock the door to the left that the chest wherein you discovered the crown. (screenshot) This leads earlier into the east WING CORRIDOR near the LIBRARY. Head to the left come get ago to the key HALL.

MAIN HALL upper LEVEL (again): Go around the to the southwest corner of the top level, wherein you uncovered Ana"s Cigarette instance (relic #11) earlier. Currently that you have actually the an essential you can unlock the chest here to discover relic #31, the Croft household Crest. (screenshot) currently head because that the northwest corner, unlock the doors here, and enter the forbidden wing. (screenshot)

WEST WING destroyed CORRIDOR: A please tree has smashed though the wall surface here. The location is a mess, but when has a small chaos ever stopped Lara? The master bedroom is straight ahead. The atelier is off to the right. It doesn"t matter which you explore first.

MASTER BEDROOM: In the corridor bring about the bedroom, there"s a wood cabinet containing file #20, an additional of Richard"s videotaped journals. (screenshot) Unlock the doors at the finish of this corridor and also enter the bedroom, where you"ll find several collectibles.

record #21 - among Amelia"s journals, sitting on the footstool in ~ the end of the bed. This includes one that the Safe mix Clues. (screenshot) record #22- an additional of Richard"s recordings in the room to the left the the bed. (screenshot) document #23 - an additional of Richard"s recordings in the armoire come the left the the bed. (screenshot) Relic #32 - Amelia"s wedding ring, sit on the bed. (screenshot) Relic #33 - Amelia"s perfume bottle, on the dressing table. (screenshot) Relic #34 - A picture of Amelia on her wedding day, top top a cloth-draped box to the left the the dressing table. (screenshot) Relic #35 - top top the bedside table is a tiny box comprise a necklace provided to Lara"s mother by her father together a birthday gift. This items is an additional Safe mix Clue. (screenshot) Relic #36 - A sculpted bust that Richard Croft sits on a table the opposite the fireplace. (screenshot) Relic #37 - Richard"s pocket watch is on the sculpted wooden chest nearby. (screenshot)

When friend have whatever here, return the way you came. Rotate left just prior to the collapse tree and also follow the various other corridor toward the Atelier. (screenshot) Just prior to the doors come Amelia Croft"s studio, there"s a room containing paper #24, a letter native Winston to lord Croft. (screenshot)

AMELIA"S ATELIER: within the studio are numerous of Lara"s mothers paintings and also a number of collectibles.

record #25 - one more of Amelia"s journals, simply inside on the left. (screenshot) file #26 - an additional journal entrance on the shelf near Amelia"s painting of she husband. This is one of the Safe combination Clues. (screenshot) record #27 - The paints themselves additionally count as a document, rather than a relic, for part reason. Among them points to the Safe combination Clues. (screenshot) Relic #38 - one of two framed photos close to the big painting of the curved glass buildings. (screenshot) Relic #39 - The various other photo in that exact same area. (screenshot) Relic #40 - rise the ladder come the top level and unlock the chest on the left to uncover an arts gallery pamphlet special Amelia"s work. (screenshot) paper #28 - This entry from Amelia"s diary is in ~ the height of the ladder ~ above the right. (screenshot)

If friend like, you can get in the surrounding MUSIC ALCOVE because that a small flashback, yet there room no records or relics there. (screenshot)

OBJECTIVE: return to the examine to open up Lord Croft"s safe

When girlfriend have whatever here, monitor the corridors earlier to the main HALL and cross end to the opposite side of the top LEVEL. Then continue through the sitting ROOM and CORRIDOR back to the LIBRARY. (screenshot)

LIBRARY - opened THE SAFE: You should now have actually all the necessary clues to open up the safe. Over there are 7 in all, 4 documents and also 3 relics. If you"re absent any that them, inspect the list below and also walkthrough above. Currently to piece together the clues.

According to Richard"s keep in mind titled "Clues" (document #20), the 3 digits the the mix correspond come Lara"s expedition treasure, his favorite painting by Amelia, and the work of their wedding anniversary. Because that the first clue, study Lara"s Egyptian crown (relic #30) and an alert the hieroglyph the the two birds. This synchronizes to the number 5 ~ above the Hieroglyphics worksheet (relic #23). Therefore the an initial digit is 5.

Richard"s keep in mind associates the 2nd digit with his favorite painting by Amelia. In her diary entry titled "Moving In" (document #28), she mentions the Richard preferred the photo with the blocks of red. Reviewing that paint (document #27), we see there are 4 red blocks, for this reason the second digit is 4.

The clue to the 3rd digit is Richard and also Amelia"s wedding anniversary. Native the necklace discovered in the bedroom (relic #35), we learned her birthday was October 13. Her diary entrance "An unlikely Union" (document #24) states that they were married 4 days prior to her birthday. For this reason the 3rd digit would be 9.

Approach the locked safe and press Interact. (screenshot) Then enter the 3 digits: 5-4-9 to open up it. Over there are number of objects inside:

Relic #41 - Lara"s handprint actors in clay.Document #29 - one more entry from Richard"s diary.Relic #42 - A manuscript handwritten by Lara"s father.Relic #43 - A empty letter through accordion folds. This is among the Final Puzzle clues.


OBJECTIVE: fix the an enig of the blank Letter

To decipher the mysterious empty letter, return with the CORRIDOR and SITTING ROOM come the MAIN HALL and descend come the LOWER LEVEL. If you haven"t currently lit the fireplace there, execute so now. Then press Interact to host the letter as much as the fire, revealing the previously concealed markings. One side reflects a map of sorts. (screenshot) The other has mysterious markings which, once you turn the document just so, resolve into hieroglyphs. (screenshot) The empty letter revealed counts together relic #44, also one of the Final Puzzle clues. (screenshot)

If you then to compare the glyphs to the people on Lara"s worksheet (relic #23), you"ll uncover they represent the number 1-4-2 (which also happens to it is in Lara"s birthday, February 14).

To use this combination, head because that the SERVANTS" PASSAGES. To get there from the key HALL, unlock the doors in the northeast corner, come the right of the main staircase when encountering it, and enter the corridor beyond. (screenshot)

EAST WING lower LEVEL CORRIDOR: directly ahead is document #30, a keep in mind from Winston to Lara, sitting on a metal cart. (screenshot) pass by the door top top the right, the opposite the cart. This leads ago into the LIBRARY. Instead, unlock the following door ~ above the left come get back into the SERVANTS" PASSAGES.

Go under the stairs come the wine CELLAR, continue around halfway along the racks till you have the right to move through a gap in between the shelves on the right. (screenshot) do a U-turn come the right and then head for the much left corner of the room. There"s a movable shelf right here that you have the right to spot quickly using survive Instinct. (screenshot) push this shelf come reveal one more keypad and also then go into the digits you deciphered earlier: 1-4-2. This opens up a mystery door nearby. (screenshot)

OBJECTIVE: find Lard Croft"s secret Vault because that Clues

LORD CROFT"S secret VAULT: The door closes behind you together you follow the hallway to the vault. Within there space a number of collectibles come retrieve.

Once you have actually the CROWBAR (above) you can use it come pry the plaque out of the wall. Then usage it again to break through the wall so you can acquire out. (screenshot)

If you use the light switch next to the Sun-Shaped Plaque, the room is bathed in black light revealing much more of Richard"s notes and calculations. Unfortunately this doesn"t figure in any puzzles, however it is a nice, paranoid touch.

OBJECTIVE: settle the Riddle that the sunlight Shaped Plaque

BASEMENT TUNNELS (again): as soon as you break with the wall surface of the vault, you emerge in the tunnels below the LIBRARY. Usage the crowbar friend just uncovered to pry open up the metal locker here to find file #35, a letter from Lara to she dad. (screenshot)

There"s another locker ago in the area through the servant"s dinner table, where you uncovered the chessboard (relic #15) earlier. Girlfriend can acquire there through the tunnels or by rise the ladder shown in the vault screenshot to reach the LIBRARY. Then departure through the door close to the fit of armor, go through the door front on the right right into the SERVANTS" PASSAGES, and also descend the stairs to the BASEMENT. Climate head because that the southeast edge of the WINE CELLAR to discover the servants" dining area and 2 steel lockers, among which contains record #36, Winston"s think on the sealing of the west wing. (screenshot)

MAIN HALL reduced LEVEL (again): Return upstairs to the main HALL and also place the sun-shaped plaque right into the recess in the facility of the floor. This points the means to the CRYPT. (screenshot) rise the stairs come the landing and press connect to break down the wall surface with the crowbar. (screenshot)

OBJECTIVE: inspection the Croft household Crypt

CRYPT: monitor the stairs downward. Just prior to the key chamber top top the left you"ll find paper #37, the critical of lord Croft"s videotaped journals, sitting in a small alcove. (screenshot)

As you get in the crypt, go down the stairs on the best to find relic #51, a golden rose, sitting on a base in the corner. (screenshot) Finally, approach the sarcophagus and read paper #38, Amelia"s last letter to her daughter. (screenshot)

MAIN HALL: after the cutscene and a short credits sequence, we flash front a few days. Lara discovers a letter near the entryway. This is file #39, a letter from she uncle relinquishing his claim on the manor. (screenshot) Hurrah! task well done!

As you explore further, Lara talks to herself about how this suffer has transformed her feelings around the manor. There"s no physics item come find, yet this is record #40, titled "Reconciliation."

If friend have already finished the main video game (i.e., to win the last boss, watched the end-game cutscenes, and also returned come the Geothermal Valley), you"ll find relics #52, #53, and #54, several of Lara"s own prized possessions, wait for girlfriend upstairs in the STUDY. (screenshot)

If you have not yet beaten the game, departure to the main menu and also continue playing with the key storyline. Later, as soon as you"ve beaten the game, return to Lara"s house (choose Croft Manor indigenous the key menu, then continue Story - Blood Ties) and head earlier to the examine to collection the last 3 relics.


This list adheres to the very same order together the in-game paper viewer. (Press Tab/Select/touchscreen then web page to the appropriate to pick documents.) The number in the left shaft correspond come the file numbers in the walkthrough.

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SAFE combination CLUES (4)
26 Moving In Amelia"s Atelier
18 Clues Library
21 An unlikely Union Master Bedroom
27 Amelia"s Paintings Amelia"s Atelier
LORD CROFT"S journals (12)
37 The Return Crypt
33 The Ritual Secret Vault
22 Stopping Time Master Bedroom
31 Keeping Secrets Secret Vault
15 Cracks in the Foundation Basement Tunnels (near Library)
20 Consumed by Grief Master Bedroom Corridor
17 Invisible Ink Library
19 Discoveries Library
29 Broken Study (inside safe)
23 A new Croft Master Bedroom
2 First Impressions Study
10 Travels Together Servants" Passages
5 Clearance East Wing sit Room
1 Notice Served Study (revealed in very first cutscene)
8 A subtle Threat Main Hall lower Level
11 A Brother"s Plea Servants" Passages
9 A Brother"s Warning Servants" Passages
34 Blame Secret Vault
39 Capitulation Main room (after perfect Blood Ties)
3 Next Steps Study
32 Facing Death Vault
38 A Letter to mine Daughter Crypt
6 A Life that Possibilities Main Hall reduced Level
25 Games we Played Amelia"s Atelier
13 Decisions Wine Cellar
16 The Journey Library
28 A brand-new Love Amelia"s Atelier
30 Storms Pass East Wing reduced Level Corridor
36 Respectful Duty Wine Cellar (requires crowbar)
12 Little Angel Wine Cellar
14 Birthday Expedition Wine Cellar
24 Concern Atelier Corridor
35 A Letter come Dad Basement Tunnels (requires crowbar)
7 A blog post to Jonah Main Hall lower Level
4 Asking around Mom East Wing sitting Room
40 Reconciliation Main hall (after perfect Blood Ties)
SUITS of ARMOR (not component of total)
Sir Lancelot"s suit of Armor East Wing sitting Room
Sir Reginald"s suit of Armor Library


This list adheres to the same order as the in-game relic viewer. (Press Tab/Select/touchscreen then web page to the right to select relics.) The numbers in the left tower correspond come the relic number in the walkthrough.

THE last PUZZLE (3)
50 Sun shaped Plaque Secret Vault
43 Blank Letter Study (inside safe)
44 Blank Letter (Revealed) Study (inside safe)
SAFE combination CLUES (3)
30 Egyptian Crown Library (requires grasp key)
35 Amelia"s Necklace Master Bedroom
23 Hieroglyphics Worksheet Library
8 Expedition Map - 1 that 2 Corridor come Study
28 Expedition Map - 2 that 2 (Revealed) Library
27 Expedition Map - 2 the 2 Library
3 Photo the Lara, Richard, and Ana Study
15 Old Chessboard Wine Cellar
22 Lara"s Childhood Drawing Library
25 Note indigenous Winston Library
1 Photo the Lara wearing an Egyptian Crown Study
18 Trap Mechanism Basement Tunnels
17 Mummy Bear Basement Tunnels
41 Clay Imprint of Lara"s Hand Study (inside safe)
38 Photo that Amelia stop Lara Amelia"s Atelier
39 Picture the Amelia and also Lara paint Together Amelia"s Atelier
40 Gallery Pamphlet Amelia"s Atelier
33 Amelia"s Perfume Bottle Master Bedroom
34 Photo the Amelia on her Wedding Day Master Bedroom
LORD and also LADY CROFT (2)
16 Croft Decanter Wine Cellar
32 Amelia"s Wedding Ring Master Bedroom
9 Egyptian Ankh Corridor to Study
13 Ouroboros Amulet Main Hall reduced Level
46 Jade Dragon Statue Secret Vault
19 Ancient Anubis Bust Basement Tunnels
10 Phoenix Figurine Main Hall upper Level
4 Benjamin Croft frosting Bust Study
14 Unknown frosting Bust Main Hall lower Level
36 Bust that Richard Croft Master Bedroom
31 Croft family members Crest Main Hall top Level (requires understand key)
51 The golden Rose Crypt
CROFT expanded FAMILY (1)
11 Ana"s cigarette Case Main Hall top Level
5 African Mask Study
49 Lord Croft"s Codex Secret Vault
42 Lord Croft"s Unpublished Manuscript Study (inside safe)
6 Ancient Map of northern Syria Study
47 Tibetan Scroll Secret Vault
37 Pocket Watch Master Bedroom
7 Truth Behind Myth Study
2 Lord Croft"s Diploma Study
24 Egyptian Hieroglyphics Book Library
GEAR (4)
21 Old Lighter Library
12 Flashlight Main Hall reduced Level
29 Master Key Library
48 Crowbar Secret Vault
45 Missing renovation Page Secret Vault
26 Photograph of the Library Library
20 Renovation Plans Basement Tunnels (near Library)
53 The Atlas Study (after finishing main game)
54 Roth"s Pistols Study (after finishing main game)
52 Yamatai Sword Study (after finishing key game)

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