How numerous of united state remember reading around how the good Gupta Emperor Samudragupta created his realm in north India? do we mental reading about one Ganapatinaga? i am talking about the Naga empire of ancient India and there fascinating despite still somewhat obscure history.

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The Nagas came right into prominence on the political map the India most likely towards the close of 2nd century C.E. Though there is still a many confusion around their origin but that lot is particular that they occurred when Kushana strength was in decrease and the Nagas play a far-reaching role in finishing off the Kushana empire.

“This to be the time when a variety of indigenous powers, like the Yaudheya, Arjunayana, the Malava were obtaining strength.” The Nagas do not it seems ~ to it is in from a single dynasty. Most likely they to be a group of families. Their strength centre were these four old cities – Mathura, Vidisha (Besnagar in Madhya Pradesh), Padmavati (Pawaya in Madhya Pradesh) and Kantipuri (Probably Kutwar in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh).

Naga Coinage

By the time of the illustrious Samudragupta (335-375 C.E.), it appears that the Naga power was headquartered at two places, Mathura and Padmavati. The famed Prayag Prashasti or the Allahabad Pillar engraving composed by Harishena offers us insight into this. The inscription talks about how Samudragupta “violently exterminated” nine emperors of the Aryavarta, probably throughout his 2nd campaign in northern India. The given names the the kings beat are Rudradeva, Mattila, Nagadatta, Chandravarman, Ganapatinaga, Nagasena, Achyuta, Nandin and Balavarman.

“The occurence of 4 Naga surname in the list suggests the major nature of the threat to the Guptas native the strength of the Nagas. However inspite that this campaign of “extermination”, the Naga power endured for a Naga princess, Kuberanaga, to be married to Chandragupta II, kid and follower of Samudragupta.”

Here we have a an extremely interesting and also ammusing connection in between the Guptas, the Nagas of Padmavati and also Mathura through the Vakatakas. As we check out above, the Vakataka leader Pravarasena I had his son, Gautamiputra marry a Naga princess of Padmavati, daughter of Bhara Shiva king Bhava Naga and the boy of this couple, Rudrasena came to be the following ruler Rudrasena ns of Vakatakas. As soon as Samudragupta eliminated the Naga strength at Mathura, the princess of the imperial house, Naga Princess Kuberanaga was offered in marital relationship to Chandragupta II, son and successor of Samudragupta. Offspring that this union to be Prabhavati Gupta that was later on married come the Vakataka king Rudrasena II.

Bana Bhatta in his “Harshcharita” additionally talks about one Nagasena in this words,”the doom of Nagasena, born of the Naga lineage, occured at Padmavati since he was foolish enough to have debated his policy in the visibility of a mynah bird who declared them out loud”.

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A many is still an extremely obscure around the Nagas, so much so that scholars are not even unanimous about whether they were one family members that sprung right into Mathura, Padmavati, Kantipuri and also Vidisha or they were various families sharing the Naga surname. One can only hope that some an ext research deserve to clear this questions.