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They don't knowWhat I've to be throughThey don't know the halfThey only understand what ns tell themThey don't know around the brand new car I just boughtThey don't know about the brand new houseThey don't know around the brand brand-new chick the I just fuckedWith some good head, that's a brand new mouthThey don't know around the brand brand-new bezel top top the rolexNow the mufucka got a brand brand-new GlockThey don't know around the brand brand-new choppa for the very same old haterNiggas mad that a nigga can't stopThey don't know around the old college whip the I keep pulled upWhen i pull it the end they be like "Who that?"They don't know about the old college days when a nigga had actually wavesI make an oath every night ns wore a du-ragThey don't know around the old college daysMagic city, it was jumping, niggas desire to view some bootyGot a old school ho trynna screw meSo I'mma hit that pussy native the back, made she scream favor (scream)And it's quiet moneyOver bitchesRich Homie over every niggasI need some an ext commas because that these digitsCuz i done ran my sack up crazyI can buy my dad a mercedesAnd ns just discovered out I obtained a babyOn the wayI recognize the case sound a tiny crazyAnd castle ain't recognize I to be worth that much 'till i dropped the mixtape and showed castle assAnd lock ain't know I to be on lock Percocet however they recognize I it is in on them XanAnd they recognize I ain't through that groupie shit but got foolish love because that my fansI can't take it every picture, you've gotta understandBut
They don't knowWhat I've to be throughThey don't recognize the halfThey only recognize what ns tell themThey don't know around the time once a nigga obtained pulled overBoy, ns swear come God, they was trippin'They don't know about the bag the a nigga had stuffed in the trunkThey were too busy worried about insuranceThey don't know about the homie the I gained locked upMoney bespeak every week, lock don't know he goin' through itThey don't understand I'm a ceo already, ain't nothin' but 23Now them niggas trynna questioning me how I do itThey don't know about the pain, pain, painThat a nigga been goin' through lately babyShit done obtained a little crazy latelyShoot a nigga, make his ass a grady babyAnd the pussy so wet, I might recruit myself in the navy babyUsed to be George Washington, currently it's Ben FranklinI had actually a adjust of faceThey don't know around the new spot that I simply gotWith the cameras almost everywhere so they view your assI'm in new York security Nino cashA damaged nigga, I deserve to never be your assAnd I'm the future niggaI see your pastWho the fuck told you I want to be her ass?With these diamonds lookin' prefer waterBoy, I've gained Nemo madAnd castle don't know that my mama still workingThey don't understand I'm unsigned, lock don't recognize I'm tho hustlin'They knew about the clues on Gresham the my uncle meat hadTwo times acquired bustedThey don't recognize that ns paid for my mama to get marriedShe'll be happy for the remainder of she lifeThat's other I understand niggaAnd last year i was broke niggaBut

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They don't knowWhat I've been throughThey don't know the halfThey only recognize what ns tell them