Constantinople to be the focal suggest for the 4th Crusade. The christians lost and Constantinople visited the footrest Empire. Then, the european Christians became stronger and went around colonizing the remainder of the world. In the meantime, the Ottoman empire grew weaker. Yet, regardless of the Europeans" territorial ambitions together colonists, why didn"t they shot taking earlier Constantinople? The Ottomans have weakened, so it shouldn"t be too difficult. Constantinople is contemporary Istanbul.

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Lemme have actually a go at this.

Its fairly ironic that you carry up the fourth Crusade together it is quite more than likely the reason Constantinople was lost to Christianity in the first place. Taking place in 1204-5 it was claimed to walk to Egypt to fight there the Ayudid sultan who regulated the divine Land but through a terrible chain of events it gained sidetracked into fighting and destroying the oriental Empire i beg your pardon was actually the key bulwark that Christendom in the east. The Latin empire of Constantinople which replaced it because that a short 50 years was stillborn and the restored Byzantine empire was at ideal a pale shadow of its former self. It was into this strength vacuum, created by the crusaders" wanton devastation of the byzantine Empire the the Ottomans stepped.

From around 1400 the Ottomans were in ascendant, constantly pushing ago the Christian powers, acquisition the Balkan countries, double besieging Vienna and also conquering every one of Venice"s marine possessions. (Venice was usually fighting castle on her very own for a couple of decades prior to being broken). They likewise had part setbacks (Vienna, Malta 1565, Lepanto 1571) and eventually a sort of deadlock ensued. During this time reconquering Constantinople to be perhaps preferable to the Europeans but an absolute impossibility - they to be barely holding come their own territory (and some, like Venice and the Balkan kingdoms lost it).

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From the early 18 the century a brand-new player occurred - Russia. Beginning with Peter the Great"s relatively timid and also unsuccessful campaigns against the Turks, Russia because that 200 years had been putting raising pressure on the Ottomans. In ~ some allude taking Constantinople became a significant goal of Russian plan (Catherine the great had she yonger grandson named Constantine as a heavy hint the she wished to have actually the boy at some point seated top top the throne of Constantinople). This synchronized with two important breakthroughs (1) The consistent and palpable decline in footrest power (2) The cooling of spiritual fervour both in Europe and also Turkey.

During the second fifty percent of the 19th century Britain and also to a smaller level France were indeed propping up the Ottoman realm (the proverbial "sick guy of Europe") out of are afraid that Russia would seize the significant part of its lands and also dominate the Levant. For this reason in a feeling the Ottomans were now safeguarded by their very own weakness.