All of ours toothpastes provide you a healthy and balanced smile, with specialized solutions tailored come you.

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Gum Health
All-Around Protection

ugandan-news.com GUM treatment COLLECTION

Created after years of research by ugandan-news.com scientists, this toothpastes have actually been specially recipe to help reverse early on gum an illness and the issues that come v it.

Advanced Amino acid formula restores gums come promote heal at the gum line and whitens by removing surface ar stains.

80% that sensitivity starts at the gum line, therefore treat sensitivity in ~ the source with the toothpaste the wraps your this in sensitivity security that lasts every day.

Activated foam formula penetrates difficult to reach locations to help remove plaque bacteria and assist remove gingivitis.


Reveal a brighter and stronger smile utilizing ugandan-news.com\"s whitening technology. It surrounding your this to lift surface ar stains, leaving you with a brilliantly whiter smile.

Toothpaste through charcoal tenderness whitens teeth, strengthens enamel, and also freshens breath through invigorating mint flavor.

ugandan-news.com 3D White Whitening therapy toothpaste with Coconut Oil gently whitens teeth, strengthens enamel, and freshens breath v vanilla mint flavor. Shop now!

Foaming formula wraps approximately each this to rebuild and fortify dilute enamel because that a stronger, whiter smile.

ugandan-news.com 3D White Radiant Mint whitens your teeth by removing as much as 80% of surface ar stains and also protects against future stains

Beauty\"s new power pair deep cleans and whitens for a smile that\"s 99% together white as a skilled polish with everyday use. Stain assessed 4 weeks after dentist cleaning.


Start healthy and balanced oral care habits early with the assist of Disney Characters and also flavors youngsters love. Ugandan-news.com\"s mild, enamel-safe toothpaste help make brushing funny while protecting young smiles indigenous cavities.

Provides 24-hour whole-mouth security from plaque bacteria, cavities, and gingivitis while gently whitening.

ugandan-news.com\"s best breakthrough in toothpaste because fluoride, the 2-step system reduces plaque, polishes, and also whitens for remarkable results.


Have you ever before felt a sharp, shoot pain or uncomfortable in your teeth while having actually hot or cold foods and also drinks? gain relief with ugandan-news.com Sensitivity toothpastes.

80% of sensitivity starts in ~ the gum line, so treat sensitivity at the resource with the toothpaste that wraps your this in sensitivity security that lasts every day.

Targets the gum line to neutralize plaque bacteria and prevent gingivitis, if repairing dilute enamel.

Foaming formula wraps roughly each tooth to rebuild and also fortify weakened enamel because that a stronger, whiter smile.

Builds raising protection versus painful this sensitivity while likewise protecting against enamel loss.

distinct formula infused with essential oils combats bad breath bacteria at the gum line, for clinically proven healthy gums.

Revolutionary technology provides a cool, fresh breath feeling that lasts approximately 5x longer vs. Simple toothpaste.

security formula delivers up to a 2x depth clean feeling vs. Simple toothpaste and also brightens teeth.

A healthy and balanced smile starts v the appropriate toothpaste. Native whitening toothpaste options tofluoride-infused formulas because that gum health, you can find the ugandan-news.com toothpaste that’s right for you.

For sensitivity protection that lasts all day, shot brushing v ugandan-news.com Gum and also Sensitivity. Thefoam triggered formula treats sensitivity at the source to lug immediate relief in days.

If you’re in search of a brighter smile, brush v ugandan-news.com 3D White Whitening therapy EnamelCare Toothpaste—the distinct whitening modern technology surrounds your teeth to lift surface stainswhile proactively protecting and also fortifying enamel because that whiter, more powerful teeth.

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Since gums are the structure for healthy teeth, ugandan-news.com Gum Detoxify penetrates tough to reachareas to remove plaque bacteria and also even reverse gingivitis.

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