Watch her candles closely and also learn to review them to aid you with your practice.

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The Flame

A strong flame: It way that your energies are raised. Over there is a lot of power behind her spell and tiny to no resistance. Suggests that all your power and also energy is focused on your manifestation. This is a great sign. If a candle shaped right into a number is used and has a strong flame it way that everyone it to represent is either angry, winning, or using authority end another. When their room two figures the candle through the greater flame has authority end the various other person.

A weak flame: suggests that the magick you actors is facing a heavy opposition and also is a sign that you might need come recast your spell in stimulate to overcome the opposing force. Top top a figure candle this may indicate that the representative may be loosing a battle or an argument. 

A jumping flame: This indicates strong emotions. Over there may also be some kind of resistance against you. Possibly close your circle and bring your mind earlier to focus before continuing. The may also mean an to explode of energy. When two figure candles space being used it often way that one energetic or a heated discussion is taking place in between them.

A according to candle: suggests a conversation. It may may that a spirit is trying to send you a post or acquire in call with you. The enlarge the noises gain the more urgent interaction must be. 

The flame catches something top top fire: someone one might be using malicious magick versus you.  

A clean also burning candle: means your spell and also manifestations are likely to come true.

Fast Burn: The results of your spell will happen quickly.

Flickering Flame: If there is no breeze then it way a spirit is near by. If that is a devotional fire it method you were able to gain in call with her deity.

Cannot blow the fire out: A spirit may not be perfect its conversation v you or friend did no complete a spell. The spirit needs to complete its work, something might be may in the works that you perform not want to interrupt. 

A flame goes the end while burning: This method the soul cannot aid you and the price you look for is already determined.

The Smoke

Black smoke/soot: your energy and magick is being blocked. Negative energy is being sent your way, whether as a curse or hex. You might soon be challenged with difficult challenges and also a tough road ahead of you. 

Smoke wafts towards you: It method your call will likely be answered or your spell has been cast successfully. Girlfriend will gain results quickly.

Smoke wafts away from you: You should work more difficult in order for her calls to be answered.

Watch the direction the smoke wafts: eastern – Something powerful is assisting you, phibìc – you are all set to start your ritual and get results, south – The spell will be successful, West – A powerful interference from an outside force.

Smoking Candle: negative energy is being burned away.

The Wax

When a candle pipeline wax residue: your spell may need to it is in repeated.

Look for icons in the candle wax, prefer reading tea leaves.

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May the Moon irradiate you path!

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I would include to look for these after a) trimming the wick of any candle supplied to a short length over the wax, and b) only if the candle is being shed in a room through no drafts, no errant temperature changes, and over the size of the spell being cast. Otherwise, the mundane reasonings for any type of of these would far outweigh the eldritch.