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Pruritic urticarial papules and also plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP) is the most usual skin problem of pregnancy. In PUPPP, tiny red bumps appear on the abdomen, specifically in locations already impacted by large marks; the bumps room intensely itchy. Over time, the many little bumps merge together into one extremely itchy bump around the belly button. That is not unusual for this bump, which resembles an allergy hive, to be so itchy the the influenced woman has actually trouble resting at night. Typically, within a few days after distribution of the baby, the bumps and also itchiness walk away entirely. PUPPP is not associated with any serious health problems in ladies or their babies.

Who"s at risk?

PUPPP is an extremely common in pregnant women, occurring in around 1 in every 200–300 pregnant women. That usually shows up in the 3rd trimester of the pregnancy. PUPPP is most common in a woman"s very first pregnancy and also in ladies expecting multiple babies. PUPPP is much less typical in pregnancies developing after the first baby.

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Signs and Symptoms

PUPPP involves itchy, raised red areas mixed with small 1–2 mm bump that room surrounded by a thin, pale area recognized as a halo. Occasionally, these bumps deserve to be filled through fluid. They an ext commonly show up within a big mark. The lesions begin on the belly and progress come the legs, back, buttocks, arms, and breasts. The itching can be very intense at night. PUPPP typically goes away around a main postpartum but can disappear everywhere from a week before delivery to as much as 6 main postpartum. In rare cases, PUPPP might worsen postpartum.

Self-Care Guidelines

When to Seek clinical Care

There has been no correlation the PUPPP with any kind of health problems with either mother or their babies. Seek medical care if the itching is no well controlled with self-care measures or over there are signs of infection as result of scratching.

Treatments her Physician may Prescribe

Your medical professional may provide you a prescription because that a subject corticosteroid. In rarely cases, you might need dental corticosteroids.

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Trusted Links

Clinical Information and Differential Diagnosis the Pruritic Urticarial Papules Plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP)


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Table of ContentsOverviewWho"s at RiskSigns and also SymptomsSelf-Care GuidelinesWhen come Seek clinical CareTreatments your Provider may PrescribeTrusted LinksReferences
Table of ContentsOverviewWho"s at RiskSigns and SymptomsSelf-Care GuidelinesWhen come Seek clinical CareTreatments your Provider might PrescribeTrusted LinksReferences
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