Ragnar the terrible is a Side quest in far Cry 5. This walkthrough shows exactly how to complete this Quest.

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Reach the LocationFind a fishing rodCatch the albino paddlefish


After liberating the Marina, talk to mrs soldier in the area close to the docks. She will have actually a next Mission because that you.


She desires to you to record Ragnar the Terrible, which is a fish. Take it a boat and head come the area significant on your map. The mission will want you to pick up a fishing rod, yet you can just change it v your probably better rod later on in order come make catching the fish easier. As soon as you have recorded the fish the quest will be over.


For an ext Walkthroughs, examine out our full Far Cry 5 Strategy Guide.

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John Holman says

April 12, 2021 in ~ 6:04 pm

Knowing i m sorry bait to usage would help, or if no special bat is required, that would certainly be a valuable tidbit also.


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