Raees crate office collection day 2: shaman Rukh khan film has become the highest possible grosser ever before on Republic job after earning Rs 26.3 crore at package office on work two.

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Raees crate office arsenal day 2: shaman Rukh Khan’s Raees has actually taken a solid command at package office on Republic Day and earned Rs 26.3 crore on job 2.

After all the hype the the clash between Shah rukh Khan-starrer Raees and Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil have generated, the public opinion has started comes in via package office. Raees, likewise starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and also Mahira Khan, has actually taken a solid command at the box office. While its Wednesday numbers stood in ~ an exceptional Rs 20.42 crore, Thursday gift the Republic day holiday offered a further boost to its winning operation at the ticket windows and also the movie earned a record-breaking Rs 26.3 crore.

The movie released on about 2700 screens and also has earned a full of Rs 46.72 crore in 2 days at the box office. This makes Raees the highest possible earner ever on a Republic Day. Till now, the record belonged to Salman Khan’s Jai Ho v Rs 25 crore earned on R-Day in 2014.

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Trade analyst Taran Adarsh earlier shared, “#Raees is PHENOMENAL on work 2. All set to fill a FAB total in that 5-day weekend. Wed 20.42 cr, Thu 26.30 cr. Total: ₹ 46.72 cr. India biz.” that had earlier written around day one power of the movie at package office, “#Raees has actually a fantastic Day 1… Wed ₹ 20.42 cr… this day will witness HUMONGOUS biz again.” shaman Rukh had replied come Taran’s tweet and also said, “Aapne sahi kaha tha.” In answer come this, Taran wrote, “Thank you very much
iamsrk… #Raees is rocking every over!”

#Raees is PHENOMENAL on day 2. All collection to pack a FAB complete in that is 5-day weekend. Wed 20.42 cr, Thu 26.30 cr. Total: ₹ 46.72 cr. India biz.

— taran adarsh (
taran_adarsh) January 27, 2017

See Taran Adarsh and also SRK Twitter conversation:

Aapne sahi kaha tha https://t.co/MiiDYsQB7w

— shaman Rukh khan (
taran_adarsh) January 26, 2017

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Raees is doing fine overseas too including an essential overseas markets such together the US, the Gulf, UK and Australia, the movie has regulated to wow the audience. In fact, follow to Forbes, shah Rukh’s gangster saga deserve $347,000 ~ above 247 displays in the united state on work one when day two numbers room still awaited. V this, Raees has beaten Dangal, i beg your pardon earned $328,227 on day one in the US. In the UK as well, Raees managed to trumped Dangal through earning £126,000 come Dangal’s £121,000.

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Meanwhile, the film is obtaining audience’s love despite mixed reviews. V its an initial weekend extending over fives days, the shaman Rukh Khan-starrer is intended to go into Rs 100-crore club easily. With its first day earning, Raees has already entered shaman Rukh’s peak 5 earners. The is the fourth biggest earner of the actor’s career. Happy brand-new Year’s Rs 44.97 crore ($6.7 million), Chennai Express’ Rs 33.1 crore ($4.9 million) and Dilwale’s Rs 21 crore ($3.1 million) are the three movies ahead the Raees.