Gear up for an interesting adventure v the thrill-seeking Kidds as they find for a lacking Incan city in south America made entirely of gold!When Bick and Beck Kidd find a surprise trove that pirate treasure, it includes a map with ideas to an even bigger score: the shed Incan city the Paititi. Yet treasure hunting is never easy — and also when the map is stolen, the Kidds must rely top top Storm"s picture-perfect memory to navigate the danger Amazon jungle. Watch the end for that swarm of poisonous snakes!To conserve the Amazon rainforest and stop a Peruvian tribe from shedding their home, the Kidds need to unlock the tricks to the lacking map and also find the fabled city that Paititi . . . Before the bad guys uncover it first. The race is on!

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James Patterson holds the Guinness people Record for the many #1 new York times bestsellers, and also his books have sold much more than 350 million duplicates worldwide. A tireless champion that the power of books and also reading, Patterson produced a children"s book imprint, JIMMY Patterson, whose mission is simple: "We desire every son who finishes a JIMMY publication to say, "PLEASE provide ME another BOOK."" He has actually donated more than one million publications to students and also soldiers and also funds over 4 hundred Teacher education and learning Scholarships at twenty-four colleges and also universities. That has additionally donated millions to independent bookstores and also school libraries. Patterson invests proceeds indigenous the sales that JIMMY Patterson books in pro-reading initiatives.

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Praise for Treasure Hunters: danger Down the Nile"Short chapters, copious illustrations, and also a rollicking, non-saw plot....The fiercely loyal Kidds and also a healthy and balanced dose of humor... Do this fun-filled adventure collection stand out.... It"s hard to imagine the adventure-loving reader who wouldn"t be hooked by this series."—Kirkus ReviewsPraise because that Treasure HuntersA brand-new York times Bestseller"This brand-new series guarantees it all: ruthless pirates, CIA spies, terrorists, stolen works of art and priceless treasure. An ext important, the delivers. A high-seas adventure that will tempt even the most shown of landlubbers."—Kirkus Reviews"A frenetic feeling of excitement and also adventure permeates this nautical escapade... There"s tiny time come breath as the Kidds pinball from one spot of trouble to the next, making because that a fun and also fast-paced ride."—Publishers Weekly