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Article by Heather


Quick Facts around Emperor Er Shi that the Qin Dynasty

Emperor Er Shi to be born in 230 BCE. His surname at birth was Hu Hai. His mother is unknown. He began his preeminence upon the death of his father, Qin Shihunagdi, and that of his earliest brother, Fu Su, who had actually been ordered to commit suicide. Er Shi, means “Second Emperor”.

Was Emperor Er Shi a good Emperor?

Er Shi was conveniently manipulated and permitted his tutor, Zhao Gao, to direct him.

Opposition to Er Shi v the powerful, Zhao Gao, was quickly stopped. Countless ministers, military personnel, and their families were killed. Er Shi’s very own brothers were also killed to prevent them from becoming emperors in their very own right.

Er Shi had little to do with the day-to-day running of his realm as he eliminated himself from government affairs and also spent his time acting as an aristocrat.

Although as an Emperor, Er Shi would certainly most most likely have had actually wives and concubines, none space known. He likewise had no children.

Life Under Er Shi’s Rule

The people were no happy under Emperor Er Shi’s short-lived preeminence of three years native 210 BCE – 207 BCE. In 208 BCE, peasants revolted from bad treatment such together conscription, greater taxes, and swift and also brutal punishment. Castle fled the area administer by the Qin dynasty.

Neighboring rulers that had not been incorporated into the Qin federal government took benefit of the situation and also began fighting the Emperor’s armies.

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The loss of Emperor Er Shi and his Death

Emperor Er Shi’s old tutor, Zhao Gao turned on him and also took over the emperor’s royal residence with his very own troops. Zhao Go compelled Er Shi to commit suicide, and also then inserted Ziying, Emperor Er Shi’s nephew on the throne.

Ziying’s dominance lasted less than fifty days. He was removed and also soon killed in addition to all members the the royal Qin family. The Qin empire capital, Xianyang, was ruined by fire.

The an initial Chinese dynasty involved an end just fourteen year after it had actually begun. Liu Bang, Emperor Gaodi, soon started the west Han dynasty in 206 BCE.