After hundreds of years of having actually to run after tomb raiders to retrieve steal gold, an old guardian mummy has actually recently opened a pyramid in Sophanem because that brave adventurers to plunder. Ridden v traps, this pyramid is very dangerous, yet may additionally provide great rewards. A select few may also find an old sceptre that permits one to teleport come the three an excellent Pyramids the the Kharidian desert!

Not all may go into the pyramid, and it would certainly be foolish come go everywhere unprepared.

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Requirements:21 ThievingRecommendations:

Even though the actual needs are few, you have to not go unprepared. The complying with inventory is recommended:


Completing the search Contact!will offer you accessibility to a bank a couple of steps native the pyramid.

A same amount of anti-poison potions, and also a couple of portions of decent food. Two 4-dose supervisor anti-poison potions execute well and also they critical you at least 8 runs. Best food is monkfish, together it"s not that expensive and heals a lot. Take 2 super anti-posion potions 4 dose and also 24 monkfish, this is the most reliable inventory. You may want to lug a couple of hundred coins for any type of magic carpet rides. If you have actually completed (or at the very least started) Garden the Tranquility, you may additionally bring a Ring of Charos (a) to reduce the cost of magic carpet rides. One an ext thing you can do to minimize the traveling cost even more is perfect the Rogue trader mini-quest.

You may need much more or less food than pictured; the much more you take, the longer you will last, yet the less you have the right to carry. The anti-poison potions are not vital if you have actually completed The Great mind Robbery quest and also use a divine Symbol and the prayer publication to resist poison. You have to experiment to see what works best for you. Consider taking a knife and waterskin if you desire to offer your loot to Simon Templeton instantly after finishing a round of looting. Don"t take armour, as it"ll just slow you down. Also, lockpicks will only decrease the suffer you obtain out of doors, therefore don"t take it one.



Once you have actually your gear ready, take a carpet to Sophanem and also enter every the doors top top the pyramid until you enter a room v a Guardian Mummy. Speak to the guardian mummy come learn how the game works; climate right-click on him to go into the game.

The first thing girlfriend will need to beware of once you enter the video game is the speartrap uncovered in the hallway top from the doorway you came v to the rest of the tomb. Click the wall to try and disarm the trap. You may not be successful and also take some damage, but thankfully over there is no toxicity on the spears.


You will have 5 minute to loot the pyramid. In the pyramid, there space 8 rooms in total, in increments the 10 compelled thieving levels. The very first room requires level 21; the last takes level 91 thieving to enter. Each room has several urns, a chest and a sarcophagus for you come loot. Search the urns, never check the snakes, as that is a waste of experience.The chest might contain poisonous scarabs, and the sarcophagus may organize a an effective mummy. Therefore, don"t bother opened the sarcophagus in ~ all, and only open up the yellow chest right prior to you"re about to leave a room.


Only find the urns. Never inspect them for snakes as this is a waste of time and lowers the amount of experience you get.

Even despite they fight multiple hits in a quick time, the scarabs room not as well accurate. Utilizing a prayer against melee assaults is recommended. However, be aware that they are poisonous and are well qualified of hitting friend if her defence is short or if you are not wearing any type of armour. Be certain to only open the chest directly prior to leaving that room.

Once girlfriend get basic to monitor strategy under for Pyramid Plunder, you"ll discover that the experience just starts roll in. Very first off, it"s really ideal to only do 2 rooms. In those two rooms, that is suggested that you find all the urns. Just skipping checking for snakes and charming them. If friend fail try again. If you store failing, you may move on, as this can be aggravating. Only do the finest two rooms though, for instance if you space 75 thieving, execute the level 61 room and the level 71 room. Just pick the locks ~ above the doors that the ahead rooms till you obtain to the room desired. That is always best to bring a complete inventory that sharks because that the faster experience, but that have the right to be costly, for this reason if you space trying to save cash, it"s fine come stick through lobsters. If you room power training, just drop every the artifacts, as this will save a bunch of time. However, constantly keep a Pharaoh Spectre if you acquire one. They deserve to sell for numerous cash to various other players. You can even usage it come get back to the pyramid quicker after re-loading your inventory.

The rewards from the mini-game room a range of items you have the right to sell to Simon Templeton, who is situated at the Agility Pyramid. The far better the item, the more money you"ll get for it. The significant item you can steal is a King"s Sceptre, which, as soon as charged, can teleport you to the three major pyramids in the desert. Of course, friend will likewise get thieving suffer for properly looting the urns, chest and sarcophagus. It"s a nice readjust from pick-pocketing NPCs, though it is more dangerous and also the as whole rewards room not therefore great.

To acquire the finest money the end of the items girlfriend loot, after each run, intake the shortest money giver friend found and keep the highest, and also continue doing runs till you either run out of food, anti-poison potions or her inventory is full of the finest items you deserve to get. Then offer those items to Simon Templeton.

The best chance to acquire the Pharaoh"s Sceptre is to steal native the chests and sarcophagi in every of the rooms. Over there is a much better chance of obtaining it in higher level rooms, although friend can obtain it in the reduced level rooms as well.


What"s therefore special about this King"s Sceptre you may ask? Well, besides looking pretty, the will allow you to teleport to any type of of the 3 major pyramids in the desert: Jaleustrophos, which is the Agility Pyramid; Jaldraocht, i m sorry is Azzanadra"s Pyramid; and Jalsavrah: the Pyramid Plunder Pyramid. The sceptre only has 3 charges; after you consume castle all, you will require to gain some more artifacts and also give them come the guardian mummy come recharge it. Come recharge the Sceptre you will need either 24 pottery/ivory artifacts, 12 stone artifacts or 6 gold artifacts. The sceptre is additionally useful for selling your artifacts.

A: If you have started Icthlarin"s little Helper, girlfriend can enter by going v the cave near the quest start location. If you have finished the quest, shot opening the gate. If that fails, speak to the guards, and if that too fails, try entering with the previously mentioned cave.

A: Yes, finishing Contact! is yes, really useful later on for training in the Pyramid Plunder. Over there is a financial institution under the most north-east building, simply climb down the ladder. Additionally this quest gives you a chance to usage the altar, i m sorry is situated at the start and end suggest of Contact!.

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A: that is recommended, together you can easily teleport to the Guardian Mummy, if you"re not close to the pyramid and is additionally effective if girlfriend don"t desire to waste your time browsing the right door.