I have been working on creating the gradient dyes needed for the rainbow dye. The ones I have found the hardest to obtain were the Purple and Cyan. Thoughts?


It really depends on how willing you are to set up a farm. Any dyes from beetles are easy enough to get because you can just farm them. I would have to say Lime Dye (from the Lime Kelp) would be the most difficult to get, mainly because they are pretty difficult to spot.

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Fun fact: Tried to set up a farm for cyan beetles, killed 3 while making the farm. Found none while farming the farm. Went off exploring, killed 3 more in 5 minutes.

Orange Blood root is kinda hard cause of low spawns, lime kelp too. Purple dye is easy to get by just going to the bottom of the ocean and farming mollusks I think.

I keep hearing that about the Blood roots. However, I have no problems at all with them, they are literally piling up in my chests.

It does probably help that my world is pretty well scouted and I can just look at the map to see where new ones have spawned.

I definitely think that purple dye is the hardest to obtain. I find cyan somewhat easier because i frequently visit the jungle.

They're not that hard to get. Sea snails are rarer that ink squids, but they're still pretty common.

Orange Bloodroot and Lime Kelp are the rarest, but if you make a ton of dirt lined tunnels underground you may have a chance. Also the lime kelp grows in water so make some water pockets too.

It's hilarious to see just how different everyone's luck is. Personally my Cyan supplies are way behind the others, but that's only because there's not as much reason to spend time in the underground snow as there is anywhere else you can find dye.

Lime is the hardest to spot, because it's always in dark underwater caves and doesn't show up with spelunker potions.

I have less pink dye than any of the others, primarily because my cacti don'y seem to grow them that often.

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