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You will find on this web page of our walkthrough super Mario Odyssey, all the necessary indications to recoup the violet coincs of the lost Kingdom. To assist you in her search, we put available a video retracing the whole route that the shed Kingdom but likewise and especially a map showing you the ar of these collectibles.

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Map the the violet coins areas :

Lost Kingdom violet Coins Map

Video the the violet coins of the shed Kingdom:

Location of the Area n°01 purple Coins:

Upon your arrival in the shed Kingdom, go south (picture1) and jump top top the tiny island permitting you to recover your very first three coins (picture2).


Location of the Area n°02 violet Coins:

Jump ~ above the tree come the left that Toad, near the Odyssey (picture3). Friend will find at the optimal of the two brand-new coins (picture4).


Go north towards the stair (picture5). Instead of climb on it, walk to the right to find a tiny ramp welcoming three coins (picture6).


Location that the Area n°04 violet Coins:

After getting to the third area, walk to the right and jump on the platform on i beg your pardon is a Wriggler (picture7). Take it possession and stretch to retrieve two coins surprise behind the tree (picture8).


Location that the Area n°05 purple Coins:

After recovering the coins from Area # 04, jump on the pole and also climb come the height to find four new ones (picture9).

Location of the Area n°06 purple Coins:

The following two coins room on the swivel platform, above the fifth zone (picture10).

Location that the Area n°07 purple Coins:

Then walk to the ideal to jump on the second pivot platform. Girlfriend will check out in the wall surface three new coins preserved by a Wiggler (picture11).

Just after ~ recovering the coins guarded by the Wiggler, start Cappy on the crawler to take possession that the enemy. Big it to the best to with a recess include three new coins (picture12).

Location that the Area n°09 violet Coins:

Go come the ar where you need to throw Cappy ~ above beetles come unlock a passage. Walk come the flower triangle and also drop off the cliff to reach a ramp containing 2 purple coins (picture13).

Location the the Area n°010 purple Coins:

At the top of the shed Kingdom, launch Cappy top top the Glydon (picture14). You will have to hover all the means north that the shed Kingdom to with a tiny island with new pieces (picture15). Tip: after ~ collecting this coins, use a teleport or slingshot to prevent dying in the sea of ​​poison.

Location the the Area n°011 purple Coins:

In Area # 11, as displayed on the map at the start of the page (picture16), climb the tree come collect 2 purple coins (picture17).

Location of the Area n°012 violet Coins:

After recovering the pieces from Area # 11, take it possession of a Wiggler and stretch come the Poison swimming pool to retrieve her coins without dice (picture18).

Go to the best of the area, wherein there is a tiny poison autumn (picture19). Girlfriend will need to slide if hanging ~ above the wall surface to retrieve these surprise coins (picture20).

Location that the Area n°014 violet Coins:

At region 11, take possession of a Wiggler and cross the poison chute (picture21). In ~ the end of the road, you will have to stretch to acquire three coins (picture22).

Location of the Area n°015 purple Coins:

Just ~ recovering the 3 coins that Area No. 14, drop on a tree branch hosting two purple coins (picture23).

Location that the Area n°016 violet Coins:

Go come the height of the shed Kingdom and drop one floor below, where a Toad is (picture24). You will check out in the wall surface a brick that you will have to break v your cap. Ramp right into the tiny hole come retrieve her coins (picture25).

Location that the Area n°017 purple Coins:

Go every the way to the West that the lost Kingdom and also enter the red door to access a 2D level (picture26). The 3 coins are above a brick (picture27).

Just ~ recovering the coins indigenous Area # 17, jump onto the platform where a Wiggler is located (picture28). Rise to the article to uncover at the optimal of that the last two purple coins the the Lost country (picture29).

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Just ~ recovering the coins native Area # 17, jump onto the platform wherein a Wiggler is located (picture28). Rise to the post to discover at the optimal of the the last 2 purple coins of the Lost country (picture29).