Beautiful african FabricAnkara layout fabricSold every yardLatest ankara towel per yard.African apparel : 100% CottonMeasures 36 inches by 44 inchesWeight: 5 oz per yard (approx.)Minimum Order: 1 yardBasic Shipping: 10 – 14 daysExpress Shipping: 5 – 7 daysUS Shipping
Yellow & purple African fabric | Ankara style | afri Print cloth | Beautiful African fabric 040

This African towel is do of 100% noodle fabric and feature rich vibrant patterns and designs. This african apparel sometimes known as ankara fabric is colorful, vibrant and expressive the the African society & clothings.

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African fabrics space a an excellent way to infuse culture into your daily life especially for weddings, parties, black color festivals, birthdays, afri engagements & more. Afri fashion revolves approximately dashiki and ankara fabrics are patterns everyone have the right to play roughly with and style unique to express yourself.

Shipping: Yellow & purple African fabric 040

Basic Shipping:

Processing: 3 – 5 daysEstimated Shipping & Delivery: 10 – 14 days

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Processing: 1 – 3 daysEstimated Shipping & Delivery: 5 – 7 days
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Basic Shipping:Processing time: 3 – 5 service daysEstimated Delivery: 10 – 14 days

EXPRESS Shipping:Processing time: 1 – 3 company daysEstimated Delivery: 5 – 7 company days

Refund Policy

Note: Please keep in mind that we room unable to accept refunds/ return and/or exchanges. The towel industry is an extremely unique in the each product is thought about to it is in custom-tailored come a customer’s needs. As soon as the cloth is cut from the initial bulk, the product officially becomes yours. The can"t it is in resold.

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

Note: Please note that we are unable to accept returns and/or exchanges. The towel industry is really unique in that each product is thought about to it is in custom-tailored come a customer’s needs. As soon as the cloth is cut from the original bulk, the product officially i do not care yours. That can"t be resold.

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Yellow & purple African cloth | afri Print cloth | Ankara Fashion format - AF040