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Marcus Licinius Crassus (115-53 BCE) was maybe the richest male in Roman background and in his eventful life he proficient both an excellent successes and also severe disappointments. His huge wealth and sharp political an abilities brought him 2 consulships and the type of influence enjoyed only through a true heavyweight of roman inn politics. A mentor come Julius Caesar in his early on career, Crassus would climb to the really top the state affairs yet his lengthy search for a army triumph to complement his great rival Pompey would, ultimately, bring around his downfall.

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Early Success

Crassus to be the child of Publius Licinius Crassus, who was consul in 97 BCE and also a commander in Iberia, even gaining a triumph for his victories in Lusitania in 93 BCE. In 87 BCE, ~ above the shedding side against the pressures of Gaius Marius and Cornelius Cinna, he cursed suicide and also the young Crassus fled to Spain. Complying with Cinna"s death, Crassus sided through Sulla against Marius, and, as one of his many able commanders, assisted him gain regulate of Italy. Adhering to victory, Crassus now additionally seized the possibility to vastly boost his an individual wealth indigenous the confiscation the the assets of asserted enemies that the state (proscription) which contained property, riches and a huge variety of slaves.

In personal life Crassus was married come Tertulla and also he had actually two sons, among whom shared his name and also the various other - Publius Licinius Crassus - combated with that in Parthia. Marcus Licinius Crassus the younger appreciated some military success, significantly achieving the highest possible Roman army honour of killing an adversary king.

Crassus senior was embroiled in a scandal as soon as he to be accused of gaining too acquainted with a Vestal virgin, one Licinia. Crassus to be acquitted, though, ~ above the grounds that really he had actually only been interested in gaining a reduced property price for one of his breakthrough schemes and, together Plutarch put it, his call for respectability was conserved by his reputation for avarice. He was not recognized as a median man, rather, the was well-known as generous to his friends and his popularity through the civilization not just came native his supplies of totally free parties and also grain but likewise his polite manner and lack of snobbery. Crassus was likewise a an excellent orator, no doubt a skill he honed via his numerous court cases and also helped by his love the philosophy. Plutarch mentions that also Cicero would think twice prior to engaging in legal discussion with Crassus.

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The Spartacus Rebellion

According come Plutarch, Crassus built up the large sum that 7,100 talents.

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The slave rebellion of the beforehand 70s BCE led by Spartacus, the Thracian gladiator, would current Crassus, made praetor in 73 BCE, through an chance to flex his armed forces muscle and also gain more prestige v the roman inn people. The slave army, numbering between 70,000 and also 120,000, was a severe threat and had already defeated two different Roman armies and two consuls. Now they were ravaging the southerly Italian countryside and it was Crassus that was entrusted with ultimately removing this mandrel from Rome"s heel. In 71 BCE he unsuccessfully check to edge Spartacus in Bruttium whereby his lieutenant Mummius rashly disregarded Crassus" orders and also openly attacked the slave military with 2 legions, to be routed and also even compelled to abandon arms. In an answer to this setback Crassus work the ancient punishment of decimation on a 500-man ar of Mummius" force, wherein one in ten legionaries were eliminated by their fellows in complete view that the whole army.

With eight soldier at his disposal Crassus cornered Spartacus in ~ Lucania, finally defeated the servant army, and also crucified 6,000 that the survivors follow me the Appian Way. However, few of the prestige because that suppressing the servant rebellion was additionally claimed by Crassus" an excellent rival Pompey who, return from Spain, mopped increase those slaves who had actually escaped the battle. Further, earlier in Rome, it was Pompey that was given the honour that a triumph (in acknowledgment of his other army successes) whilst Crassus was provided the lesser ovation. Splashing his cash, though, Crassus won favour through hosting a lengthy round of lavish celebratory feasts because that the civilization of Rome and also in response to Pompey"s popular title the "Great", Crassus would certainly ask dismissively "Why, how big is he?"