The Plunge san Diego at Fit Mission BeachOriginally developed in 1925, the historic Plunge Pool, to be at the time, the largest salt water pool in the world holding 355,000 gallons of water. The 60 foot through 175 foot swimming pool was designed after ~ the Spanish Renaissance-style structures in Balboa Park developed in 1915 and also 1916.

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The swimming pool was converted to new water in 1940, once it then became the biggest heated swimming pool in southern California. Recently renovated, the aesthetics reflect floor come ceiling windows and also a retractable roof, permitting swimmers to gain the heat San Diego weather every year long.

The Plunge is located inside of fit Mission coast at Belmont Park, an s front household friendly amusement park. Open up to the public with panoramic views, the Plunge welcomes swimmers of every ages.


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The Plunge mountain Diego is the totality package

If you have actually been trying to find a premium quality gym with pool in san Diego, watch no further! The Plunge mountain Diego is every little thing you have ever wanted in a pool, together it is component of a cutting-edge to the right gym. Here at your nearest gym through pool, we fulfill all her fitness needs by enabling you come kick back after an effective workout through a be sure swim. The the best of both worlds. Welcome to your favorite brand-new all-in-one fitness club with swimming pool and also see why The Plunge mountain Diego is everyone’s an initial choice.

Do gyms have actually pools? The ideal ones do!

Out of every the gyms through pools in mountain Diego, only Fit and The Plunge mountain Diego can lug joy to swimmers of every ages. In spite of dating back to 1925, The Plunge san Diego holds universal appeal. On top of that, the pool is anything but outdated, fan to its recent renovation and reopening, which assisted it get earlier on optimal as the go-to neighborhood gym through pool. 

Southern California’s largest heated pool attracts many swimmers year-round together they obtain to gain a warm, refresh swim and also soak up san Diego sun as result of the structure’s tall windows and retractable roofing.

Is it safe to swimming in gym pool?

It’s understandable to feeling a little skeptical about attending a public swim pool. We get questions together as: Is pool water dirty? remainder assured the there is certain no room for concern when our expert team is phone call the shots. Below at Fit and also Plunge san Diego, we follow the industry’s greatest standards in regards to health, safety and also hygiene. 

We take all precautionary measures to certain maximum safety and protection of all the swimmers and members of ours fitness gym v pool. When you have actually our highly qualified team that trained experts in your corner, over there is no room because that risk. 

Save time and make the most of your every workout

If friend have ever before thought come yourself: Why can not I discover a kind fitness club v pool close to me? Or whereby to discover a gym v a swimming pool in mountain Diego, CA?, mystery solved. The Plunge and Fit have actually joined forces to deliver the ultimate endure to any and also all gym and swimming enthusiasts. 

If you are among them, you room probably familiar with the scenario: having to jump v hoops simply to fit your gym and swimming fitness routine into your busy everyday schedule. Not anymore, due to the fact that we’ve make the task all infinitely an ext convenient and infinitely less time-consuming! our gym with pool is the two-in one solution you have been spring for.

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The go-to fitness club v pool has it all

As san Diego’s absolute favorite public pool, The Plunge san Diego allows you to meet your appetite for the ultimate swimming experience. Even if it is you desire to attend private or group swim lessons taught by mountain Diego’s top instructors or want to take your child to the best swim class in the area, The Plunge is the ar to go.

As the nearest gym with a swim pool, it is the number one selection for san Diegans. Below you can also find the most sought-after aquatic aerobics classes in every one of San Diego. Yet the funny doesn’t end there. We set the bar for swimming swimming pool party rentals in san Diego too! 

The Plunge san Diego: the ideal fitness center with a pool close to me

The Plunge san Diego is a majestic historic pool situated in the love of Belmont Park and inspired through Balboa Park’s Spanish Renaissance-styled buildings. The pool is the city of san Diego’s pride and joy. Together a member that Fit and also The Plunge mountain Diego, you get to gain all the perks and endless comfort of the best gym v pool reserved specifically for our many loyal visitors. 

Find the end why we room so numerous San Diegans’ answer to the question: where to when I need a modern gym through swimming pool near me? offer us a contact so we have the right to start friend on her exciting, game-changing fitness journey today!