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Cognitive theorists believe that unipolar depression outcomes from far-ranging changes in the number of rewards and also punishments civilization receive in your lives.

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Cognitive theorists believe that civilization with unipolar depression persistently view events and situations in life in negative ways. As a an outcome of this defeatist perceptions, people sink right into feelings the gloom, helplessness, and also depression.

Cognitive theorists believe that, because of over-active neurotransmitters in the brain, world gradually start to suffer stronger and also stronger depressive thoughts.

Cognitive theorists think that depression results once a person"s relationship leave them emotion insecure and also unsafe.

Correct answer:

Cognitive theorists think that people with unipolar depression persistently view events and situations in life in negative ways. As a an outcome of these defeatist perceptions, people sink right into feelings of gloom, helplessness, and depression.


Cognitive theorists believe that the mind and patterns of thinking are largely in manage of exactly how a human being views and responds to life"s events. Cognitive theorists think that world with unipolar depression persistently check out events and also situations in life in an adverse ways. Together a result of this defeatist perceptions, such world sink right into feelings that gloom, helplessness, and depression.

Correct answer:

All of these answers are likely reasons why a human being might construct post-traumatic stress disorder


Any traumatic event can create post-traumatic anxiety disorder. Several of the most likely to do so incorporate combat, disasters, abuse of any kind, victimization, and also torture.

Psychodynamic theorists think that OCD establishes when youngsters come to are afraid their own id impulses and also use ego defense mechanisms to lessen the result anxiety. The identifier impulses usally take the kind of obsessive thoughts, and also the ego defenses appear as compulsive actions. 

None of these answers accurately represents the psychodynamic view on obsessive-compulsive disorder

Psychodynamic theorists think that all human being have intrusive and unwanted thoughts. Part people, however, reprimand themselves for such thoughts; these world then start acting compulsively come neutralize the undesirable thoughts. 

Psychodynamic theorists think that abnormally low levels of the neurotransmitter seratonin room responsible because that obsessive thoughts and also compulsive actions.

Psychodynamic theorists believe that details people are predisposed to develop this disorder. Essentially, genetics is the determining factor and also is exclusively responsible for this pattern of thinking/doing in certain people and also not others.

Correct answer:

Psychodynamic theorists think that OCD develops when youngsters come to are afraid their own id impulses and use ego defense instrument to to decrease the resulting anxiety. The id impulses usally take it the kind of obsessive thoughts, and also the ego defenses show up as compulsive actions. 


Psychodynamic philosophers are really firm in their belief around the interactions between the id and also ego throughout the early, developmental years the a person"s life. Lock propose the there is a battle between anxiety-provoking i would impulses and anxiety-reducing defense mechanisms.

Thomas"s family members has a history of bipolar disorder, and he emerged it ~ a trauma in his teenager years. 

Cara occurred OCD at age 10, with a strong predisposition to the disorder and no clean external factors or life events contributing to it. 

David"s schizophrenia appears to stem native his abuse of psychosis drugs, quite than a genetic prejudice to the disorder. 

Correct answer:

Thomas"s family has a background of bipolar disorder, and also he developed it ~ a trauma in his teen years. 


The diathesis-stress version states that disorders are caused by both a bias to the disorder and a life tension that serves as a trigger. The only example that complies with that pattern is Thomas"s family history (diathesis) and stressful life occasions (trauma). 

Which concept of psychopathology holds the disorders room the an outcome of an imbalance between internal drives?


The psychodynamic approach in psychology stop that inner drives because that pleasure (the id) is in constant conflict through the rational mind (the ego) and also the ethical mind (the superego). Once these pressures are unbalanced, they have the right to manifest themselves together a selection of psychological disorders.


Developmental psychopathology is the study of the breakthrough of psychological disorders, consisting of autism, ADHD, and also schizophrenia. This subfield of psychopathology concentrates on a life course perspective in assessing the trajectory of psychological disorders.

Which of the complying with is no a contributing variable to psychopathology follow to any branch the psychology?


Each branch that psychology has plenty of explanations because that psychopathology, including failure of self-realization (humanistic), unconscious conflict (psychodynamic), cognitive biases (cognitive), and also biochemical imbalances (psychobiological). Although some world may believe that fate dram a duty in even if it is someone establishes a disorder, fate is not a scientific phenomenon that any branch the psychology contains in the examine of psychopathology.


The medical or biomedical theory of abnormality see the reasons of abnormal psychology to be biological and also the symptoms and also cures. Examples of this could include hormone imbalances or distinctions in brain structure. Unconscious problem would it is in classified under the psychanalytic psychology, attachment concept under social or developmental psychology, conditioning under behavioral psychology, and thought trends under cognitive psychology. 

Which the the adhering to is not a contributing variable to women having greater rates of mood and anxiety disorders than men?


There are greater rates of mood and anxiety obstacle in ladies for a combination of reasons, including hormonal differences, greater rates of sexual assault, much less societal power and also control, and an ext willingness come get aid (which increases the rates, though not the occurances). The average woman is much less aggressive than the median man, however that does not relate come anxiety/mood disorders and also in reality brings under the rates of other species of disorders, such as antisocial personality disorder.

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Example inquiry #3 : theories Of Abnormal Psychology

Dissociative disorders are a category of emotional disorders in i m sorry a person"s emotions, consciousness, perceptions, motor control, and also identity space dissociated. Many human being with dissociative disorders have actually experienced childhood physics or sex-related abuse. I m sorry of the complying with is taken into consideration to it is in the significant paradigm for dissociative disorders?

Possible Answers:

Psychoanalytic theory: a theory that thoughts, feelings, and behaviors room the result of conscious and also subconscious interaction in the mind. 

Humanistic model: a version dependent top top the idea that civilization are good, creative, and also have complimentary will.

Diathesis-stress model: a design dependent ~ above the idea that emotional disorders take place when a human being is predisposed to the disorder and also experiences far-ranging stress.

Learning model: a psychological approach dependent ~ above the idea that behaviors result from learning and observation. 

Cognitive psychology: a psychological approach dependent top top the idea that psychological processes affect thinking, memory, behavior, and also problem solving.

Correct answer:

Diathesis-stress model: a model dependent on the idea that emotional disorders occur when a human is predisposed to the disorder and also experiences significant stress.


The significant paradigm because that dissociative obstacle is the diathesis-stress model. This model depends ~ above the idea that emotional disorders happen when a human is predisposed come the disorder and experiences significant stress. Research has indicted that numerous dissociative patients proficient childhood physics or sex-related abuse, which were the reason of significant stress. According to this model, this patients also had a predisposition, or diathesis, to dissociate easily. This method they are easily hypnotized and also prone to interact in fantasy. Dissociation was a method of avoidance because that these patients. In various other words, dissociating from reality allowed them come escape their stressful experiences, safeguard themselves from emotional trauma, and also block the end unpleasant memories. 

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