I began the Nevermore repertoire yesterday and also noticed that ns didn’t get collection items because that doing Dragon’s Stand and also Tequatl (others did). I did however get the article from tropical Wurm.

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So, my question now: is this RNG? So, go this autumn not always?

‘would have/would’ve been’ —> exactly ‘would the been’ —> wrong

I didn’t obtain the DS article either but did acquire Tequatl’s. Didn’t get Thaumanova one either. For this reason it appears it’s one of two people bugged or RNG, I’m guessing bugged.

Thaumanova one is the fire elemental civilization boss, not fractal. Dragon’s stand is still unknown.

I go FE double yesterday and it didn’t drop because that me. Ns only have actually that one and the DS one left. I’m hope the trouble with FE dropping is RNG and also not a bug, although all the other ones to be awarded the very first time ns completed the event/activity.

Tequatl to be fine because that me but DS appears bugged.

And i dunno how to execute the protector of the good tree in TD

Tequatl was fine because that me yet DS seems bugged.

And ns dunno exactly how to do the protector the the an excellent tree in TD

If you ever ran the Chak Gerent TD meta, girlfriend will know that their are 4 lanes (SCAR, Ogre, Rata Novus and Nuhoch). At the finish of each lanes, the pact room trying to build a vast cannon to punch kitten in the wall to acquire to DS. Yet to do so, it needs ley heat energy, numerous ley-line which attracts chak. In this case, a huge bad boss named the chak gerent.

Anyways, come prep for this phase, every lane can do an occasion chain (normally 6-8) events to unlock things to assist them through the hit e.g. Hammer egg smashers in ogre.

Each lane has it’s own prep chain and also you desire to carry out the “Ogre” chain. It’s the an extremely last occasion in the chain i m sorry will offer you credit transaction for Nevermore.

How perform you understand when it’s on? You desire a low tier map (if you are in a tier 4 map that done). When you find the map, method point come Ogre Camp Waypoint (if it’s contested it’s a an excellent sign together it method the event chain is on the first event).

When you get there, check the orange text in the peak right corner, if it says something like “Ogre Lane has unlocked everything and reached max strength” then the event chain has actually finished and also you will need to wait till map resets or shot and map change.

When you discover the chain, just follow the npc – careful, the an initial three events are basic to follow yet you finish up jumping down right into Ogre roadway for one event. The one that adheres to this is earlier at camp (you must waypoint come get ago – the orange message does say, return back to outpost yet most player’s don;t realise this). Then proceed the chain – I believe there space 3 an ext events indigenous the waypoint, the last being the one you require for nevermore.

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Sorry because that the long winded answer, yet hopefully the will assist you and also others unfamiliar through TD.