Even despite PowerPoint presentations space designed to be perceived on a computer, there might be times as soon as you desire to print them. You can even print practice versions of a presentation, which have the right to be especially helpful when presenting your slide show. The Print pane provides it straightforward to preview and also print her presentation.

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Optional: Download our exercise presentation.

Watch the video clip below to learn an ext about to press in PowerPoint.

Print layouts

PowerPoint provides several layouts to select from once printing a presentation. The layout you choose will largely depend ~ above why you're print the on slide show. There room four varieties of print layouts.

Full page Slides: This prints a full page for each slide in her presentation. This layout is most helpful if you have to review or edit a published copy of her presentation.

Notes Pages: This prints every slide, along with any speak notes for the slide. If you've had a most notes because that each slide, you can keep a published copy that the notes through you if presenting.

Outline: This prints an in its entirety outline the the slide show. You could use this to review the organization of your slide show and also prepare to provide your presentation.

Handouts: This prints thumbnail versions of each slide, v optional space for notes. This layout is especially advantageous if you want to give your audience a physical copy the the presentation. The optional an are allows them to take notes on each slide.



You may need to pick the printer you want to usage if your computer system is linked to multiple printers.

Print Layout

Here, friend can pick from one of 4 print layouts: full Page Slides, note Pages, Outline, and Handouts.

Zoom Control

You have the right to click the zoom come page switch on the right to zoom in and out the the Preview pane.Click and drag the slider to usage the zoom control. The number come the left of the slider bar mirrors the zoom percentage.

Color Settings

Here, you can pick whether to publish in color or grayscale. Us recommend printing in grayscale many of the moment to conserve on color ink.


Here, friend can pick how numerous copies of the presentation you desire to print. If you're to plan to publish multiple copies, it's a great idea to publish a test copy first.

Collation Settings

If you are printing many copies, friend can choose whether you desire the copies collated or uncollated.

You have the right to also access the print pane by pressing Ctrl+P on her keyboard.

To print a presentation:Select the File tab. Backstage view will appear.
Choose the wanted printer and print range.Chose the desired print layout and color settings.

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When you're done editing the settings, click Print.


In the Print Pane, adjust the variety of copies to 2.Choose a Handout variation of the presentation with 6 Slides Horizontal every page.When you're finished, your print pane have to look like this: