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Prince amedeo of belgium archduke that austria este great time

Prince Amedeo of Belgium, Archduke that Austria-Este (Amedeo Marie Joseph Carl Pierre Philippe Paola Marcus d"Aviano; born 21 February 1986) is a member that the Belgian royal family. The is the heir come the headship of the house of Austria-Este, a cadet branch of the Habsburg-Lorraine, and is sixth in heat to the throne that Belgium.

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prince amedeo that belgium archduke that austria este

Birth and also family

Amedeo was born in 21 February 1986 in ~ the UCL- St Luc, Woluwe-St-Lambert, Belgium, the first child of Lorenz, Archduke the Austria-Este, and Princess Astrid of Belgium. He bears the same given name as his head great-grandfather Prince Amedeo, battle each other of Aosta. His godparents are his uncle King Philippe and grandmother Queen Paola of Belgium.

Amedeo himself is godfather to his cousin, Princess Elisabeth, Duchess that Brabant. Amedeo has actually one younger brothers Joachim (b. 1991) and also three younger sisters: Maria Laura (b. 1988), Luisa Maria (b. 1995) and Laetitia Maria (b. 2003).


He was baptised and also married by the Archbishop the Mechelen, Cardinal Danneels.

Education and career


Amedeo undertook major school and also the greater part of his secondary education at the Jesuit institution Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege (founded 1604) in Brussels, renowned with Belgian aristocracy and also royalty. He perfect his secondary education at Sevenoaks institution in Kent, England in between 2001 and also 2004. That then invested a year in Belgium"s Royal military Academy. In September 2005 he began studies at the London college of Economics, where he graduated in 2008 v a "Bachelor of scientific research (BSc), Management", and took a sabbatical prior to entering professional life.

Amedeo completed military service and also is a to make reservation officer in the Belgian Army.

From July 2009 to June 2012, Amedeo worked for Deloitte in brand-new York City together a business analyst native July 2009 to June 2011 and as a administration consultant in strategy and operations indigenous July 2011 to June 2012. He functioned as a study analyst intern at Accumulus resources Management, llc from August v December 2012.

During 2013 and also 2014 Amedeo resumed his studies, obtaining a grasp of Business administration (MBA) in ~ the Columbia service School the Columbia University. Afterwards he began to job-related as a administration consultant for Deloitte in brand-new York.


On 15 February 2014, the Belgian royal Court announced the engagement that Prince Amedeo to Italian reporter Nobile Elisabetta "Lili" Maria Rosboch von Wolkenstein.

Amedeo and also Elisabetta both descend indigenous Giuseppe Tiberio Ruffo, count of Sinopoli (1627-1683), while through German princely dynasties their many recent common ancestor is Franz Albrecht I, Prince the Oettingen-Spielberg (1663-1737).

The couple"s wedding was commemorated on 5 July 2014 in Rome"s Basilica Santa Maria in Trastevere, in the presence of the Royal family members of Belgium (with the exception of his great-aunt Queen Fabiola), as well as members the the cadet branches of the home of Habsburg, consisting of the bridegroom"s grandmother, Margherita the Savoy, Dowager Archduchess the Austria-Este, and also members of various other dynasties, including Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg and her husband Prince Nikolaus that Liechtenstein, Princess Beatrice of York and also Jean-Christophe, Prince Napoléon. The pair were planning to relocate in Belgium ~ the wedding.

In April 2016, it to be announced the the couple were expecting their an initial child, because of be born in might of that year. Your daughter, Anna Astrid, was born top top 17 may 2016 in ~ Saint-Pierre college Hospital in Brussels .

Succession civil liberties to the Belgian throne

In 1991 Amedeo obtained, in addition to his mother and younger siblings, succession rights come the Belgian throne. In 1993 his maternal grand acceded to the throne as King Albert II and also he became third in Belgium"s heat of succession, complying with his uncle Philippe, duke of Brabant, and his mother. ~ above Philippe"s marriage in 1999 the prospect of Amedeo inheriting the throne substantially diminished, and the bear of a daughter and dynastic heir come Philippe in 2001 reduce his location in the order of succession down to fourth and, ultimately to seventh, following the birth of Princess Eleonore, the youngest the Philippe"s children. The abdication ~ above 21 July 2013 of his grandfather King Albert II advocated him to 6th in heat to the throne.

Although an announcement of Amedeo"s engagement was released on the imperial Family"s website, no dynastic authorisation because that his marital relationship was published prior to his wedding, together foreseen in short article 85 of the Belgian Constitution. Speculation in the media had a commentator ~ above the military parade for La Une who, top top 21 July 2014 (Belgian nationwide Day), alleged that no royal authorisation to be announced because the prince intentionally chose not to request permission to marry, and also therefore Amedeo to be no longer deemed in the heat of succession. In November 2015, a royal decree express King Philip"s retroactive permission for the marital relationship was gazetted in the Moniteur Belge.

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Titles and styles

21 February 1986 – 2 December 1991: His Imperial and also Royal Highness Archduke Amedeo that Austria-Este2 December 1991 – present: His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Amedeo of Belgium, Archduke the Austria-Este

All the children of Princess Astrid and also Archduke Lorenz, bear the location "Prince(ss) the Belgium" by Belgian royal Decree the 2 December 1991, distinct from their timeless Austro-Hungarian titles, i.e. "Archduke/Archduchess the Austria-Este, Prince(ss) royal of Hungary". Globally his abbreviated style is HI&RH Prince Amedeo the Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este.