Types of Precipitation

Precipitation comes in many develops. These maps use assorted icons to representdifferent types of precipitation.

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Wind Speeds and also Directions

This series of maps use various symbols to recurrent wind directions and speeds as shown inthe legfinish listed below. Using the map listed below, provide the wind directions and also speedsin the cities detailed in the table listed below the map.


Symbols on Maps

Maps choose the one below carry out data that meteorologists usage to prepareforecasts. To accurately read a climate map you must recognize the icons and also what they reexisting.

Complete the Map

Use the map displayed to complete the chart listed below indicating weather conditionsin a number of US cities

Understanding Precipitation

Precipitation is what we contact water that condenses and falls to earth in among severalforms relying on the problems in the atmosphere. Below on the left are the namesof various forms of precipitation and the signs offered for them.

Weather Systems and also Prediction

Atmospheric conditions are constantly changing, you will make 4 copies of this web page to seejust how. For 3 days usage a brand-new sheet each day to copy that day"s weather pattern(precipitation, frontal devices, and press cells) from your newspaper.

Relative Humidity

The amount of water vapor that the atmosphere deserve to host at a details temperature iscalled the family member humidity and is measured through a hygrometer.

Types of Fronts

When 2 air masses accomplish, they create a front. Changes in weather commonly take placealong fronts.

Cold Fronts

The diagram listed below reflects a front developing between 2 air masses. At ground level, thecolder air mass reareas the warmer air mass.

Warm Fronts

The diagram below reflects a front forming between 2 air masses. At ground level, thewarmer air mass relocations the cooler air mass.

Types of Clouds

The diagram below mirrors examples of many kind of kinds of clouds. Provide labels for each ofthese utilizing the terms from the complying with table.

Clouds and Their Relation to Weather

Specific kinds of conditions are linked via different kinds of clouds. The mainly blankchart listed below reflects four different kinds of clouds.

Comparing Forecasts to Weather

Forecasts are not always exact and also you will watch how accurate the ones foryour location are. Fill in the chart listed below through the forecasts and actual information on eachday for a week.

Measuring Weather

Meteorologists usage numerous various forms of instruments to gather atmospheric information.Provide the names of instruments that meteorologists use to gather information by making use of theterms.

The Biggest Forces of Nature and also the Damage They Cause Passage

Nature have the right to be effective and also deadly resulting in mass destruction and also lossof life. Several of the worst storms on record to day are hurricanes,tornadoes, and also tsunamis.

Biggest Forces of Nature Multiple Choice Questions

What were the approximated damperiods of Hurricane Katrina?

Biggest Forces of Nature Brief Answer Questions

Describe just how wide hurricane Katrina was and just how many kind of says sheeffected.

How Does Air Pressure Relate to Weather?

Air pressure is a term provided to explain air molecules, which are tinyinvisible pwrite-ups of air. In between all the tiny invisible air pshort articles areempty spaces.

How Does Air Prescertain Relate to Weather? Multiple Choice Questions

. What is the distinct tool used to meacertain air pressure?

How Does Air Pressure Relate to Weather? Quick Answer Questions

What prewarns carry out coastal resident take in the time of periods of lowpressure?

What should I execute in a Lightning Storm?

If you check out a storm cloud imminent, hear remote thunder, or watch far offlightning, you will recognize a storm is coming. Almethods remember, any type of time youhear thunder, you will understand tright here is lightning in the storm because lightningproduces thunder.

What must I execute in a Lightning Storm? Quick Answer Questions

Describe the results of electrical energy on someone’s body when lightning isabout to strike.

What is Morning Dew or Morning Frost?

When the air gets complete and also have the right to organize no more moisture, 100% relativehumidity is reached. At 100% loved one humidity, the invisible water vaporwill certainly end up being visible. When the water vapor becomes visible, you will certainly seesteam, clouds, or fog.

Morning Dew or Morning Frost Multiple Choice Questions

Which of the following is not an example of visible water vapor?

Morning Dew or Morning Frost Short Answer Questions

Describe what happens when water vapors end up being visible.

Why is tright here Thunder and also Lightning?

A cumulonimbus cloud produces a thunderstorm and then thethunderstorm produces thunder and lighting.

Why is there Thunder and Lightning? Multiple Choice Questions

Which of the complying with is not required by a thunderstorm?

Why is tright here Thunder and Lightning? Brief Answer Questions

Explain what happens once liquid and also ice pwrite-ups bump together.

Why is Thunder Loud?

Thunderstorms produce lightning, which is a very warm flash ofelectrical power and also then lightning produces thunder. As lightning shoots througha thunderstorm cloud, it have the right to reach temperatures in between 30,000 to 50,000degrees, which is hotter than the sun.

Why is Thunder Loud? Multiple Choice Questions

A negative charge moving down in a zigzag pattern is what?

Why is Thunder Loud? Brief Answer Questions

Describe the sound of thunder as soon as lightning moves from a cloud tothe ground.

What is a Hurricane?

A hurricane is an extremely huge storm that creates over tropical areas ofboth the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Rotating in a counter clockwise motionroughly a facility, called an eye, hurricanes can reach speeds up to 200 milesper hour and also meacertain 600 miles wide.

What is a Hurricane? Multiple Choice Questions

. This range is supplied to recognize just how serious and what sort of dameras perhaps resulted in by a hurricane.

What is a Tornado?

A tornado is a funnel shaped column of air qualified of bring about massdevastation. Some people call tornadoes twisters or funnel clouds bereason oftheir form and swirling movement however, a funnel cloud does not come to be atornaexecute until it touches the ground.

What is a Tornado?Multiple Choice Questions

This range is used to identify just how severe and also what kind of dameras possibly brought about by a tornacarry out.

What is a Tornado? Brief Answer Questions

When is tornacarry out seakid and as soon as are they a lot of most likely to form?

What is a Tsunami?

As a tsunami gets closer to shore and also enters shalreduced water, it will slowdown in rate but will certainly gain elevation and also energy bereason the height of the wave isrelocating much faster than the bottom at this allude.

What is a Tsunami? Multiple Choice Questions

How many kind of countries comprise the Pacific Tsunami Warning System?

Why Does the Wind Blow?

The sunlight warms the Earth"s surface, which likewise causes the atmosphereto warmth. Tright here are components of the Earth that obtain direct sunlight all yearand this causes those parts of the Planet to be warm all the moment.

Why Does the Wind Blow? Multiple Choice Questions

How many kind of categories are tright here for rating wind intensity?

Why Does the Wind Blow? Brief Answer Questions

Exordinary why components of the Earth are heat all the time and also why someare cold.

Destructive Weather

A thunderstorm is a heavy rainstorm that has lightning, thunder, wind, and also occasionally hail. A thunderstorm develops when warm, moist air close to the ground moves up into the skies quickly.

Destructive Weather Questions

A tornaperform is a column of wind that spins exceptionally fast. The winds from a tornado deserve to reach as much as 3 hundred miles per hour.


Precipitation is an additional word for water that falls from the skies. Water deserve to autumn in the develop of rain, scurrently, or ice.

QUESTIONS: Precipitation

Clouds have the right to create in a number of different ways. What execute all the methods have actually in common?


The study of the Earth"s environment, which includes the scientific research of forespreading the weather, is referred to as meteorology.

QUESTIONS: Meteorology

Meteorology is vital bereason it allows for civilization to minimize loss of life and also damages to home by preparing for extreme weather problems like hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and so on.

What Are Clouds?

Clouds have the right to be described according to the elevation at which they develop. Clouds that develop above 20,000 feet are called high-level clouds.


At eextremely position loved one to the sunlight, the amount of sunlight that reaches the Planet is slightly different.

The Atmosphere

Many of the exospbelow is located in what we think about to be outer area, which is generally considered to begin in between 50 and 80 miles from the Earth"s surconfront.


Tbelow are always locations of low press at the North and South Poles, bereason the air tright here is constantly cold.


Drought can be prompted in various ways. A large amount of reflected sunlight merged with even more than the average variety of high-press systems, winds containing continental as opposed to oceanic air devices, and also ridges of high-push units high in the air have the right to all reduce the formation of thunderstorms or rain over a certain location.


A drought is a naturally-developing weather occasion that is defined by an extensive period of less than normal amounts of precipitation.

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The borders between heat and also cold air pressure units are called fronts. This is wbelow the majority of storms originate.