Good luck, favorable fortune, and also an obstacle-free path to success. Who wouldn’t like to have all this? The elephant-headed mr Ganesha, through his good-natured and also sagely visage and also full belly, sitting on his under-sized vehicle, the mouse, is the summary of all this. Friend can’t aid but smile as soon as you lay your eyes on this satisfied form, an auspicious beginning in itself.

Ganesh Chaturthi is a special day when we storage the bear of beloved mr Ganesha. 

Lord Ganesha is unlike various other gods. This is since Ganesh Chaturthi is no the just day we pray come Him. He is current in each and also every puja or ritual and brand-new or important endeavor that we undertake. Friend will check out His idols and pictures in this firm offices, shops, and also cars. This is since as every the Hindu culture, praying to lord Ganesha brings luck, success, and also prosperity.

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Before us delve right into why lord Ganesha is the one that is venerated first, let’s know some of the heritages surrounding idol worship and their meaning.

Tradition of worshipping lord Ganesha 

On Ganesh Chaturthi, devotees prayer clay models of lord Ganesha. During other festivals, lock make tiny models through haldi or turmeric powder that they worship before beginning a puja. So, even if it is they room performing Lakshmi puja or Saraswati puja, they an initial invoke lord Ganesha. It is thought that any type of obstacle the may present itself during the power of the puja, or execution of any endeavor will certainly be successfully overcome by law so. 


Ganesh Chaturthi: Symbolism that the idol

 As every the Hindu scriptures, divinity resides within us. So, us make clay models the the lord and also worship them by providing fruits, flowers, and water come express gratitude. These are, actually, symbols of our own prana or power force. So, once we praise the idol, us honor our own inner spirit - because that the strength and also vigor that it provides us to live well. As soon as the puja is done, we request the mr to go back to our heart. 

Clay models are a means that offer form to the formless - to make the abstract physical. Through sadhana and also meditation, expertise the formless becomes much more effortless.

Legends behind why mr Ganesha is worshipped first 

One popular legend is that Lord Ganesha’s mother, Goddess Parvati had asked him come guard the entrances to she chambers. Once Lord Ganesha did not permit even lord Shiva to enter, irate Shiva reduced off Ganesha’s head. Upset by this act, Goddess Parvati endangered to damage the people if her boy was not brought earlier to life. So, lord Shiva replaced Lord Ganesha’s head through that of one elephant’s. He additional bestowed Him v divinity and stated the all pujas will begin with the invocation of lord Ganesha’s name.

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Another legend has actually it the there to be a race between Lord Ganesha and also his brother mr Karthikeya or Murugan to identify who would get the magnificent fruit the Sage Narada had available their parents, mr Shiva and also his consort Goddess Parvati. This fruit had the strength of can be fried knowledge and also immortality. The an initial one come go around the world three times would be adjudged winner. Lord Karthikeya began his circumambulation roughly the human being on his vehicle, the peacock. Mr Ganesha, top top the various other hand, went around his parents, stating the his parents to be his world. Naturally, he won the race, and also ate the magnificent fruit the knowledge.

That is why us pray to lord Ganesha at the very beginning of any type of puja. We sing songs in His surname to invoke favorable tidings, to look for His blessings for the effective start and also eventual completion of any venture us undertake.


Besides this stories, there is a spiritual edge to why we prayer Lord Ganesha.

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Spiritual facet of Ganesh Chaturthi

We have actually seven key chakras or nerve points in ours body. At the base of our spine is the Muladhara Chakra. This allude is the basic or foundation point in our body, and is responsible because that the energy we feel – enthusiasm, dullness, interest, inertia and so on. Only as soon as this allude is activated do we feel enthusiasm; this power can then be moved upwards to the other chakras allowing wisdom, knowledge and also learning to take it birth in ~ us. 


Lord Ganesha is the mr of the Muladhara Chakra. He is additionally believed to be the energy and also consciousness within us. Us pray to Him so the wisdom can awaken within us.

Ganesh Chaturthi falls on respectable 22nd, 2020. You deserve to read much more on mr Ganesha here. 

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