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A material deserve to be a negative conductor that heat, electricity, or both.

A poor conductor method that the substance will not conveniently conduct warmth or electrical power (or both) as quickly as a conductor.

because that example, sand is a negative conductor of heat and electricity. During the daytime, when the sunlight...

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A material have the right to be a negative conductor the heat, electricity, or both.

A negative conductor method that the substance will not easily conduct warm or power (or both) as conveniently as a conductor.

For example, sand is a negative conductor of heat and also electricity. During the daytime, once the sunshine hits the sand, it traps the warm instead of conducting it. Similarly, that does not conduct electricity. In comparison, copper is a conductor that both heat and the electricity, and hence we deserve to use tools made the copper because that cooking and copper wires for electrical applications.

Non-metals space generally negative conductors or insulators. Metals, top top the various other hand, are great conductors.

Some other examples of negative conductors of electricity are mica, paper, wood, glass, rubber, Teflon, etc. Some examples of negative conductors of warm are air, lead, etc.

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