At Southwest chest & Aesthetics, our plastic and also reconstructive surgeons, Dr. Matatov and also Dr. Zakhary, consult with female patients because that correction the Poland Syndrome.

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This condition is a rarely congenital bear defect, wherein one side of the chest is missing the pectoral muscle, and breast tissue. At our exercise in Phoenix, AZ, we deserve to discuss all of your alternatives in reconstructive surgical treatment whether you just want a pectoral implant, or a complete reconstruction the one or both breasts for symmetry. Involved your consultation ready to discuss your wellness history, existing health, her aesthetic objectives for surgery, and any questions you may have in regards to the risks and also benefits of each procedure. Our plastic surgeons will execute their finest to create the most natural chest and/or breast form that is reality for her body type. Contact today and schedule her consultation appointment.

Poland Syndrome restoration for Women

Our Phoenix plastic operated doctor recommend the young girls v Poland Syndrome should wait till after breast development to obtain the finest outcomes from rebuild surgery, and wear a prosthetic breast till then. As soon as the breasts are totally developed, women v Poland Syndrome can consult through a plastic operated doctor to correct their uneven chest and also breasts through assorted breast restoration techniques, such as an implant v a latissimus dorsi flap or autologous reconstruction free tissue transfer. For a an ext natural result, us recommend the DIEP, PAP, or LTP flap reconstruction.


Recovery after ~ Poland Syndrome Reconstruction

Depending top top the form of actions you have for correction of Poland Syndrome Pheonix patient"s recovery deserve to last between 1 – 6 mainly or more. Your plastic surgeon and also nursing employee will discuss potential risks or complications of your breast surgery prior to the operation. It is extremely crucial to learn ideal wound care, together infection can be a problem if aftercare and also follow-up treatments room not followed. This could reason abnormal scarring in the incision area.

Surgical Requirements

Your reconstructive surgeon can personalize your treatment and surgical actions to your very own needs and aesthetic goals. In this section, we can talk about two the the frequently used surgeries carry out in Poland Syndrome correction. Each patient will comment on with Dr. Matatov or Dr. Zakhary the best surgery and procedures ideal suited for your body.

Autologous organization Flap

Using the patient’s very own belly fat and skin, referred to as a DIEP (deep worse epigastric perforator) flap reconstruction, the surgeon can recreate a breast. If the patient does not have enough abdominal muscle tissue to use, the operated doctor may suggest a different procedure, or take it the organization from another component of the body.

Nipple Reconstruction

Nipples can be recreated native the surrounding tissue v areola tattooing, or the whole nipple areolar complex can it is in tattooed through an advanced 3-D an approach available in ~ our plastic surgery office.

Synthetic Implants

Using a man-made implant (saline or silicone) is a common choice in rebuilding the pectoral muscle wall, and also for recreating a chest for ladies if over there is enough skin to organize the wanted implant.

You deserve Balance

If girlfriend would favor to know an ext about Poland Syndrome and its treatment, please speak to our plastic surgery office today. We will schedule your appointment because that a finish evaluation and personal consultation v Dr. Matatov or Dr. Zakhary at your earliest convenience.


Follow increase After Poland Syndrome Reconstruction

Your plastic operated doctor will want to make numerous follow-up appointments after her surgery.

as soon as you room discharged indigenous the hospital or accredited surgical procedure center, you will must attend a 1-week post-surgery meeting at the plastic surgery office. If girlfriend experience any kind of complications, please perform not hesitate to contact our office and make an appointment to watch the plastic surgeon.

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Recovery Time1 – 6 Weeks
Average Procedure Time2 – 4 Hours
Post-op Follow-up1 Week
Procedure restore LocationIn-Patient

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