Those that spend significant time in the Dreaming City completing bounties and tasks have likely worked their method into a bounty dubbed the Purification Ritual. Over there are numerous versions of this bounty, yet today I’m going come cover the one that calls for players Defeat any kind of Plague of the fine while ascendant.

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Purification ritual - Defeat any kind of Plague that the Well


To acquire this bounty (or another version that it), players must an initial have an supplying for the Oracle in Destiny 2. V that out of the way, if your bounty needs you to Defeat any Plague of the Well enemies while you’re Ascendant, prepare for a bit of a tough go.

With the bounty in hand head come the remote Well. You’ll need four things to have actually a chance at success:

Charge of irradiate - Tier IIIStrong fireteam

I intend it’s feasible to solo the remote Well in ~ Tier III, yet it’s not a reasonable job for any kind of Guardian out there. It’s also going come be stormy on three great Guardians, therefore you are at the mercy the PvE matchmaking, i beg your pardon is a shame. I would imply running Tier I and also Tier II until a few random players sign up with you and also can help with the Tier III remote Well activity. When the Tier 3 blind Well task ends, strategy the center pedestal and also use an rough Charge of light to begin one of the Heroic remote Well events. Use the Tincture the Queensfoild to become Ascendant, and also then work with the various other players to clean the activity.

The boss that spawns is entirely dependent upon what week that is, together the Heroic remote Well cycles. The named bosses will be dubbed "Plague the the remote Well", which shows it is the correct enemy to be death in bespeak to complete the Purification routine bounty. You execute not need to land the last blow, however I deserve to only i think you must cause some damage, although perhaps being active in the occasion is enough. Don’t take any type of risks, though; transaction as much damages to the boss as possible just to it is in safe.


The Purification ritual bounty have the right to then it is in handed in from your inventory, permitting you come purify an additional piece of your Reverie armor to eliminate the Riven’s Curse debuff.

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Now that you know exactly how to Defeat any kind of Plague that the well while Ascendant, be sure to hop end to the Destiny 2 strategy overview we have been functioning on for over a year now. The should have actually resources for both brand-new and veteran Guardians.