The Pizza trouble is a great way come apply mathematical info in a real-world context. Challenge your seventh and eighth graders to apply their expertise of area and also order that operations v the pricing of pizza.

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When teaching a unit top top the area the circles, i asked a course of seventh- and eighth-grade college student to inspection the price of various sizes of pizzas to see if the prices were regarded the pizzas’ areas. Your assignment was this:

Find and also call a pizza placeFigure whether the price of the pizzas called to their sizesIf they do, explain why. If not, define what the prices would be if they were proportional to their areas

Some responses were….

Amanda wrote: contact up a pizza ar & asking the dimension of every of their pizzas in inches, small, medium, or large. Climate ask the prices. Watch if the prices room proportional to the areas of the pizzas. If they room not, reprice them.

Allison wrote: contact or visit a pizza place. Uncover out the size and price that pizzas. Then decide even if it is it’s mathematically cautious or not. Just how much would certainly you charge?

Geoff wrote: What space the prices of a small, medium, and big pizza? execute they make mathematical sense? If so, why? If not, what should they charge?

Jennifer wrote: What we are claimed to do is to speak to or visit a pizza place, and also find the end what the price of every pizza is and also what size it is. We then need to decide whether or not the prices room acceptable. If they aren’t, what would certainly we readjust them to?

The students’ solutions and explanations revealed their expertise not only about the area of circles yet also about other mathematical ideas.

Most that the student figured the area of each dimension pizza in square inches and also then figured out, because that each size, the expense of one square inch of pizza. In most cases, the bigger pizzas were much less expensive per square inch. Some students determined the pizzas were well priced; rather presented alternative pricing.

Jacob, for example, concluded: The deference in price is minimal when you look in ~ it top top a tiny scale yet if you to be going to buy fifty thousand square inches of pizza because that a huge party friend were having while you’re parents were away for the weekend climate you would have actually to think about what dimension pizza would certainly be the many economical.

Mike had a different strategy to economizing. He wrote: Skimp top top the toppings.

The students’ solutions and explanations revealed their knowledge not only around the area of circles yet also around other math ideas. The students were interested in the different prices and sizes from different pizza places, and also the problem was a great way come relate the mathematics they were finding out to the world outside that school.

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Figure 1. In she solution, Amanda found that the three various sizes of pizza no priced in relationship to your areas, yet she no recommend prices.