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Piety"s focus is top top Religion, and also adopting the is situational. I would certainly not open with this, in spite of it being available early in the game, uneven you"re play a Civ that is an especially focused ~ above Religion. ~ above high difficulties, you need the benefits of Liberty, Tradition, or respect to really shine. Adopting Piety will make an excellent Prophets appear faster as result of a bonus to placed up Shrines and Temples in fifty percent the time, i m sorry does aid you form your religion earlier, vital in getting first picks on those beliefs. Faith is a race, ~ all, as no all Civs will get to discovered one.

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I suggest you take it this after 2 or 3 points (at least) are invested in other Policies, so the you are generating society or gaining bonuses to military or Expansion. Temples execute not come until Philosophy, i m sorry is why I suggest waiting this the end a bit. I would certainly primarly embrace at least some of this come ensure the spread of my own Religion when going for a cultural Victory, since shared religious beliefs is so useful in that, then move on to Aesthetics.

There ARE huge opportunities to use Piety come purchase military units and also thrive culturally. You should understand all about Religion and the bonus structures available, which deserve to let you select a direction. There is additionally the possibility to to buy pre and also post-Industrial units, through two different beliefs. You"ve gotta be very first to choose them, and also Piety can aid you achieve that.

Adopting all policies in Piety will reason a free Great Prophet to appear, and also all divine Sites will start generating +3 Culture. This no only expands your Civ"s borders and allows for adopting an ext Social Policies, it also paves the way for a cultural Victory through religious beliefs as every those holy Sites deserve to be convert to Tourism with Hotels and also Airports. Ar them approximately the City that will have actually your national Visitor center for maximum tourism impact.

The main thing I would tell girlfriend is to usage your 3rd and later an excellent Prophets no to spread your Religion, yet to create Holy Sites therefore that after that you room able to spread out with countless Missionaries. You should likewise definitely develop The good Mosque of Djenne and other spiritual Wonders the you are able to, for this reason you have the right to ensure your Civ has actually plenty that Faith. The previously mentioned Mosque will certainly make Missionaries able to spread religion 3 times, which helps them spread out while your good Prophets obtain planted. Otherwise girlfriend are restricted to Shrines, Temples, structures from Beliefs, religious City-States and any terrain bonuses for Faith and your Missionaries will be weak there is no using an important belief slots on them. This is specifically important through fewer urban in her Empire.

Organized Religion: +1 confidence from Shrines and also Temples.Tips and also Strategies because that this Policy: substantially boosts Faith, particularly across broad Empires. Also in simply a few Cities, it"ll make a difference, though. Later on in the game you deserve to use faith to buy good People and need that in large chunks. Early on on, you"ll discover Units room affordable every 10 turns or much less with plenty of Cities having both Shrines and also Temples. Because you opened Piety, you"ll be able to build this quickly.

Mandate that Heaven: 20% discount on all purchases of spiritual units and buildings through Faith.Tips and Strategies because that this Policy: This is especially for spiritual Units prefer the Missionary, Inquisitor, and good Prophet, in addition to anything prefer the Pagoda or Monastery. That does not alleviate the price of various other things. This lets you purchase more Missionaries to spread your Religion, while giving you a rest with great Prophets to usage them to develop Holy Sites because that long-term confidence generation (plus society and yellow with various other Policies).

Theocracy: Temples boost a City"s Gold output by 25%. Divine Sites carry out +3 Gold.Tips and Strategies because that this Policy: This policy was improved with the fall Patch that 2013 and made things much better for players who choose to go Piety and shot to generate tons of Faith. The Gold definitely helps and also changes the Temple right into a Bank! This urges you come place holy Sites as well, i beg your pardon will likewise get the culture boost should you polish off Piety.

Religious Tolerance: Cities v a bulk Religion also get the Pantheon belief bonus the the 2nd most renowned religion.Tips and Strategies for this Policy: The usefulness of this relies upon what faith is existing in every City. Grassland locations may gain Desert Folklore. It"s a mixed bag, however necessary if you"re going to walk all-out ~ above Piety.

Reformation: If you established a Religion, gain a bonus reformation belief.

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Tips and Strategies because that this Policy: The function of this one is as much as you. These space all noted on the Reformation ideas page.

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