Yet another puzzle you will at some point encounter in Persona Q. This time you will need to walk through details rooms on the third floor of the Evil heart Club in a specific order to unlock the door to progress further in Persona Q. This tutorial reflects you the correct order to walk v the rooms come unlock the door.

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If you’re not currently aware of it, the stairs icon on the map screenshot below is where you start once you get in the room. Find your way to the eco-friendly X mark that i edited in the screenshot. When you’re in ~ the environment-friendly X mark, relocate your character in the direction the the red line adhered to by the blue line and also a cutscene need to play once you’re done.


Do girlfriend still need help?

If you’re still having troubles (either it be on this floor or further in the game), you should produce an account at our 3DS forum and also post a thread in the SMT/Persona Q section of the forum. Who should ultimately answer your question(s).


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Gervais laughs at a difficult RPG while that takes its last breath as he conquers it. He"s to be gaming since the NES and also loves come relax at the beach.

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