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Keep in mind the each patient is unique and also your results might vary.

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Surgeon: Achih H. Chen, MD, FACS

This is a 20 year old, out-of-town, patient who wanted fuller lips without showing up overly "done". She additionally wanted a procedure with a brief recovery time. She underwent Surgisil Permalip implant lip augmentation by Evans and Augusta, GA - based facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Achih H. Chen at the Georgia facility for facial Plastic Surgery. She determined a medium sized implant to achieve her desired amount the augmentation. These photos space taken in ~ 6 days complying with her procedure, together a result of the brief healing time, she still has a small, clearly shows bruise top top her upper lip.

**These photos room presented through the consent the this patient.


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Dr. Achih H. Chen

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Keep in mind the each patience is unique and your results may vary.

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Dr. Achih H. Chen is a dual board-certified facial plastic operated doctor at The Georgia Center, where he uses state-of-the arts surgical and also nonsurgical face rejuvenation procedures, including the complete Facelift, upper and also lower eyelid surgical treatment (blepharoplasty), rhinoplasty, laser skin treatments, and also BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal filler injections. His Evans, Georgia practice serves Augusta, Columbia and also Charleston, southern Carolina, and also the Atlanta metro region.