"...They say I'm hopeless, as a penny wit a feet in itPenny wit a, penny wit a hole in it, yeah, yeah, yeahThey speak I'm no less, no less, no less, no less, no lessThan up to my head in it..."

Uber-songstress Dionne Farris sings a song dubbed Hopeless. It's a melancholy jam native the movie Love Jones. I fell in love through the song, the minute I heard it and it's been a self-introspection-over-a-cup-of-tea favorite since. This song is where the above lyrics originate.

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But, the lyrics from this track that strike me the many , especially as ns think back on 2009, are these:

"...Hello yesterday, ns sure need you nowGoodbye yesterday, I just can't stay around..."

I assumption: v it's my revolve to speak something around 2009, eh?

As plenty of of girlfriend know, because of various circumstances, I've been turn off the grid because that weeks and am now just getting back to "business". That is stated that as lengthy as it's tho January, you have the right to say "Happy new Year", and also after that, it's no much longer the new Year (trumpets and also horns), it's just the new year. Feel me? Well, I take place to understand that the Feng Shui brand-new Year doesn't start until Feb 4th, so ns feel perfectly comfortable treating Feb first as my an individual calendar brand-new Year (my personal new Year beginning at one more time during the year). Gosh, I just LOVE just how I consist of my very own rules as I go follow me - no wonder that hasn't gained me into an ext trouble end the years.

So, prior to I start my personal brand-new Year, I want to re-superstructure what i learned in 2009 in really hopes that that will save you some time, energy, money and heartache, due to the fact that 2009 definitely taxed me every the means around.

Tell world you love that you love them. friend hear this every the time. Just f'ing carry out it finally, ok? Life is funny. One minute you're talk to someone on the phone and then next minute they're in ICU breathing through a tube. Also if friend think castle won't say it back, all the matters is YOU stated it. This will certainly be a lull to you as soon as life's eventualities occur. Charge what you're worth starting right now. you don't have to have more/bigger clients, know much more about your area the expertise, have much more media attention, much more unique tourists to her blog, etc. Raise your prices today, you worthy it and chances are, you're seriously under-charging.Take a opportunity on hiring yet an additional assistant. Yes, again. Placed your heart on the line again. Suck that up and do it. In 2009, ns went through 4 assistants and also then hired the best assistant of my life and she has been really instrumental in help me prepare to take it my business to the next level. (I never miss a opportunity to phone call or present her this, through the way. ) ns say "prepare" since it's taken virtually a year that her assist to get me in the right frame of mind. I'm no saying it will take you that long, but you execute want to gain started top top this right now.Stop to run from your seat of power. This is a brand-new decade - literally. Case yourself - the good, the bad, the indifferent -- and especially case the components that require work, that's where the j-u-ice is. Recognize thyself. Take the time to number out that you are and also sit with her for a minute. Once you know who girlfriend are, friend can plainly see that other human being are (invaluable as soon as figuring civilization out). And, much more importantly, learning the chair of your strength helps you to watch where castle end and also you begin. This is critical.

Did 2009 teach you something profound? carry out tell.

See you in the new Year.

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