And the evil heart answered and said, Jesus ns know, and Paul i know; yet who room ye?— action 19:15

The angry spirits in the demon-possessed male in action 19 were really familiar with both Jesus and also the apostle Paul. However, the demons did not recognize the seven sons of Sceva that were do the efforts to exercise authority over them. We can know this indigenous the initial Greek in plot 19:15, wherein the evil heart responded to the 7 exorcists: “Jesus ns know, and also Paul ns know; but who are ye?”

The words analyzed “know” in those two phrases — “Jesus I know” and “Paul I know” — are two distinctly different words in the Greek text. In the phrase, “Jesus I know,” words “know” is the Greek indigenous ginosko. The word ginosko has a wide selection of meanings, relying on the context in which the is used. The foremost an interpretation of ginosko was to recognize a human or a thing, to acknowledge, or to have a complete comprehension about the human or point being acknowledged. There is no question that the usage of words ginosko here method the wicked soul that populated this man admitted, conceded, and affirmed that the surname “Jesus” to be well recognized to it. Favor all evil spirits, this demon was acquainted with Jesus — that fully comprehended and acknowledged who Jesus was — and also had own this expertise for a long time. So once the evil soul said, “Jesus i know,” it to be saying, in effect, “Jesus I understand and fully comprehend v absolute certainty…”

On the various other hand, in the phrase, “and Paul I know,” the word “know” is translated from a fully different Greek word. That is words epistamai, which defines a knowledge acquired by external observation. In various other words, Paul’s call was cultivation as one who had authority over demons, and also it had recorded the attention of the spirit human being in Ephesus. Neighborhood demons to be “tuning in” to watch Paul’s activities.



The indigenous epistamai implicitly reveals that the dark spirit people in Ephesus had recently come to be familiar v Paul’s ministry. The apostle’s tasks were a great threat to the demonic forces over the city, and they were taken aback by his spiritual power. Therefore, the evil spirits of the region were scrutinizing this newcomer and also carefully watching him relocate through each instance as one who possessed great authority. This native epistamai also means that this demonic spirits to be spying and conducting surveillance on this freshman who had actually invaded your dark stronghold — for this reason they could stay conscious of what Paul was doing and also look for ways to protest him. The word epistamai therefore dead the idea: “…and Paul i know since I have actually recently become familiar through him by very closely following and observing his activities.”

But then the evil spirit asked the seven sons of Sceva an interesting question: “But who space ye?” This question should be interpreted in the context of the whole verse. The leader should recognize the message to mean: “Jesus I understand and completely comprehend v absolute certainty, and Paul i know since I have actually recently become familiar v him by closely following and also observing his activities. But I have actually no idea that you are! In fact, we recognize nothing about you! us don’t recognize you or her authority at all!”

One would think that demonic forces would recognize exorcists who on regular basis delved right into occult practices; however, the evil soul in the guy didn’t recognize these exorcists in ~ all. However oh, what a glorious thought that this soul knew the name of Jesus and knew Paul because Paul was in Christ and also was an authorized user of Jesus’ name!

You right that description too! If you are in Christ, you room an authorized user that the name of Jesus and the power of the holy Spirit! James 2:19 claims that demons “tremble” when they hear that name. As we observed yesterday, words “tremble” would be far better translated that they space “spooked” or “terrified” when they hear the surname of Jesus spoken with bold belief by an authorized user!

If you are a Christian indwelt through the power of the divine Spirit, you have all strength in Heaven and earth offered unto girlfriend (see Matthew 28:18). You are authorized come speak on instead of of Jesus and to take authority over any kind of evil visibility that comes your way. And also it must obey!|


Father, ns am thrilled and also grateful to discover of the authority the I have in the name of Jesus Christ. Ns am therefore thankful that i am a real, born-again son of God — and that You have authorized me to usage Your power and Your surname at any kind of moment the it is required. I need never be afraid of the devil since demons acknowledge that the strength of God within me is higher than every one of them placed together. Say thanks to You for encouraging me to it is in bold when I feeling the evil one is trying come manifest his existence or wage an attack!

I pray this in Jesus’ name!


I declare that the child of God lives inside me — and also I am in that — and when i am forced to speak come an evil presence and command it to go, the evil soul recognizes Jesus’ voice speaking through me. Ns am not afraid. I do not give method to fear. I execute not listen to communication that would certainly incite tension or fear.

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I receive from strong, Word-based to teach resources, prefer this one today, in bespeak to build my faith and also prepare me to take action when it is needed!

I declare this by confidence in Jesus’ name!


Have you ever before thought around how sad the is the people affiliated in the occult room playing with powers that will eventually work versus them? do you understand someone personally who is operation under this sort of self-deceived influence?Demons know the surname of Jesus — and also if you space in Jesus, they understand your name too. So let me ask friend — have you ever had an experience where a demon spirit recognized you and obeyed her authority? Or have you heard that someone else who had actually that type of experience? wherein was it, and also what happened?How would certainly you recognize a demonic presence in your instant surroundings?