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Patterns of civilization History: Brief third Edition, Volume One to 1600$25.24(181)Only 1 left in share - order soon.
Patterns of people History uses a unique framework for understanding the an international past v the study of origins, interactions, and adaptations. Authors Peter von Sivers, Charles A. Desnoyers, and also George Stow--each specialists in their corresponding fields--examine the full range of humaningenuity in time and space in a comprehensive, even-handed, and critical fashion.

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The book helps students to see and understand trends through: origins - interactions - ADAPTATIONSThese crucial features present the O-I-A framework in action:* Seeing Patterns, a list of an essential questions at the start of each chapter, focuses students ~ above the 3-5 over-arching patterns, which space revisited, considered, and also synthesized at the end of the chapter in Thinking with Patterns.* each chapter contains a Patterns increase Close situation study the brings into sharp relief the O-I-A pattern using a certain idea or thing that has emerged in human background (and helped, in turn, develop human history), choose the creation of the Chinese writing mechanism or spiritual syncretism in India.Each situation study clearly shows how technology originated either in one geographical center or individually in several various centers. It displayed how, as people in the centers interacted with their neighbors, the neighbors adjusted to--and in many instances were revolutionized by--the idea,object, or event. Adaptations encompass the entire spectrum of person responses, varying from fully rejection to an imaginative borrowing and, at times, compelled acceptance.* Concept Maps at the finish of every chapter usage compelling graphical representations of ideas and also information to assist students remember and also relate the huge patterns that the chapter.
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