March 27, 2017
" data-image-caption="2017 ACM Party because that A cause in ras Vegas

Country music fans far and wide are invited to attend among the greatest gala music festival venues of the year once the ACM Party for A reason events take place from Thursday march 30 with Sunday April 2 in ras Vegas. The plenty of festivities finish in the 52nd annual Academy of nation Music Awards on Sunday. View your favourite celebrity musicians and also vocalists carry out live and know that proceeds walk for a good cause.

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Charitable Efforts

" data-image-caption="Kip Moore

Kip Moore

The Academy of nation Music Lifting Lives organization is the offspring of the Academy of nation Music. Their single purpose involves improving the stays of others through music. Through partnering with various artists and also the sector as a whole, Lifting lives establishes and finances music-related camps, educational programs and also therapy. They aid the Diane Holcomb Emergency Relief money serve world in the neighborhood confronted v hardship. In current years, ACM Party for A reason was successful in elevating $500,000 indigenous ticket sales. Because 2008, the organization has donated more than $8 million to more than 150 charities in addition to supporting projects designed to rise awareness of human being in need.

Some that the booked Performers

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Alyssa MicaelaAaron WatsonBig and RichCole SwindellDee Jay SilverJackie LeeJerrod NiemanJohn RichLady AntebellumLori McKennaLuke LairdMidlandOld DominionTrick PonyWilliam Michael Morgan

Music Festival Venues booked Events

" data-image-caption="Tim McGraw

Dierks Bentley and also Tim McGraw

Thursday, march 30:

• 9:00 P.M.-9th annual All-Star etc Pull• 10:00 P.M.-After Party Stoney’s Rockin’ Country

Friday, march 31:

• 7:00 P.M.LOCASH – The fighters TourWME Bash in ~ the Beach• 9:00 P.M.-Songwriter Showcase• 10:00 P.M.I Love This Bar & GrillVirgil’s real BBQ• 10:30 P.M.-Barnival Songwriter Showcase

Saturday, April 1:

• NoonPool Party for A CauseTailgate Party• 5:30 P.M.The Joint• 7:00 P.M.House the BluesWME Bash at the Beach• 9:00 P.M.-Stoney’s Rockin’ Country• 10:00 P.M.-Redneck Riviera

Sunday, April 2:

• Noon-REHAB• 5:00 P.M.-52nd yearly ACM Awards• 8:15 P.M.ACM Awards main After Party: The JointACM Awards main After Party: Park TheaterTickets for the las Vegas performances differ from $23 for general admission and $52 to $209 for reserved seating. Prices additionally differ among music festival venues.

Media Coverage

Throughout the ras Vegas festival, the Cowboy lifestyle Network, the Ak-Chin Indian Community together with the Earnhardt Auto Centers and also Papa John’ roadway Team plan on attending the events and providing continual updates.

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" data-image-caption="2017 ACM Party for A cause in las Vegas

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