Execution that Marie Antoinette

Events relocated rapidly as Louis to be separated native his family and also tried v undermining the Republic. That was discovered guilty and also executed top top the 15thJanuary 1793. The nationwide Convention struggled to address the now Widow Capet. As the continued attack on France indigenous Prussia and also Austria continued and also royalist rebels increased in the Vendee radicals dubbed for further measures. The Dauphin, louis Charles was eliminated from Marie Antoinette’s care and placed in the hand of dedicated radicals that would reeducate the in the means of the revolution. Soon Marie Antoinette would be removed and also placed in the Conciergerie recognized as the waiting room that the guillotine. Under push from much more radical aspects such as HebertMarie Antoinette was placed on trial. The trial on the 14thOctober 1793 experienced accusations the liaising through the opponents of France. The outlandish accusations of instigating orgies at Versailles and astonishingly incest through her own son were likewise levelled at her. Testimony for this last charge come from luigi Charles himself who had actually been coerced into delivering condemning evidence versus his very own mother. Top top the 16thOctober she was uncovered guilty of depleting the national treasury, providing information come the enemy and also conspiring against the state. She make a created journey to the scaffold despite the abuse of part from the crowds. Her last indigenous were claimed to be, “Pardon me, sir, I intended not to carry out it,” as she stand on the executioner’s foot. Her body was thrown in an there was no sign grave.

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Madam Campan (one the the Queen’s lady in waiting) top top Marie Antoinette’s trial. Taken native Memoirs of the Court the Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, finish Madame Jeanne-Louise-Henriette Campan, Echo Library (2007) p245

What affecting points I have heard the Queen speak in the affliction led to her through the id of component of the Court and also the whole of the world that she did not love France! exactly how did that opinion shock those who knew her heart and also her sentiments! twice did I check out her ~ above the point of going from she apartments in the Tuileries into the gardens, to attend to the immense throng continuous assembled over there to humiliation her. “Yes,” exclaimed she, together she paced she chamber with hurried steps, “I will certainly say come them Frenchmen, they have had the cruelty to sway you the I do not love France! – I! The mommy of the Dauphin that will regime over this noble country!- i whom providence has actually seated upon the most an effective throne the Europe! Of all the daughters that Maria Theresa to be I not that one whom fortune has actually most extremely favoured?| and ought I no to feel all this advantages? What need to I find at Vienna? Nothing but sepulchres! What have to I lose in France? whatever which can confer glory!”


Letters created in France: Containing various Anecdotes family member to the French transformation (Broadview literature Texts)
By Helen Maria Williams
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Letters native Helen Maria Williams ~ above the attempt of Marie Antoinette. Taken indigenous Letters created in France, Broadview literary Texts, (2002) p172

Marie Antoinette made no defence, and also called no witnesses, alleging the no positive fact had to be produced against her. She had actually preserved one uniform behaviour during the entirety of she trial, other than when a beginning tear accompanied her answer to Hebert. She was condemned about four in the morning, and heard she sentence with composure. Yet her firmness forsook she in the method from the court to her dungeon-she burst into tears; when, together if ashamed of this weakness, she observed to her guards, the though she wept at the moment, they must see her walk to scaffold without shedding a tear.

In her way to execution, whereby she was taken after ~ the accustomed way in a cart, through her hand tied behind her, she paid little attention come the priest that attended her, and still much less to the surrounding multitudes. She eyes, despite bent ~ above vacancy, did no conceal the emotion the was labouring in her heart- she cheeks were occasionally in a singular way streaked through red, and sometimes overspread v deadly paleness; but her basic look was that of indignant sorrow. She got to the place of execution about noon; and when she turned her eyes towards the garden and also the palace, she came to be visibly agitated. She ascended the scaffold v precipitation, and also her head remained in a moment hosted up come the world by the executioner.

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Gouverneur Morriscomments on Marie Antoinette’s execution in October 1793. Taken indigenous Witnesses come the change American: American and also British Commentators in France 1788-1794, Weidenfeld and also Nicholson (1989)p181

The queen was executed the day before yesterday. Insulted during her trial and reviled in she last moments, she behaved through dignity throughout. This execution will, ns think, provide future hostilities a depth dye, and also unite an ext intimately the allied Powers. It will silence the the opposite of those that would no listen to the dismemberment of their country, and also therefore it might be concluded that the blow whereby she died was command from a distance. However whatever might be the many France in far futurity, and putting next the armed forces events, that seems evident that she shortly be administer by a solitary despot.